15 Things You Did Not Know About Nails

Apart from the occasional manicure or worry about a broken copy, we consider our nails as completely normal. However, there is much more to it than you might think at first glance. We put 15 things out that you did not know about your nails.

1. Fingernails grow an average of 3.5 milli meters per month

That grow our nails, we all know, but it is not as clear as you think. Average growing our fingernails or 3.5 milli meters per month, the nails on your dominant hand grow faster. Your toenails grow slower than another pack: an average of 1.6 milli meters per month, but there several tips which will be helpful for you: How to fix an Ingrown toenail in 5 steps.

2. Nails grow faster in men

Research has shown that the nails grow faster in men than women. The only exception is during pregnancy.

3. White spots do not indicate a calcium deficiency

“That the white spots indicate a lack of calcium or zinc, is a myth, the truth is that those spots are common and are entirely harmless. They are usually the result of pressure exerted was on your nails, often without realising it.”

4. Nails are made from the same material as her

“Both nails and hair consist of keratin, but they are put together in a different way.” That also means that the same diet that is good also has benefits for your hair to your nails. A varied diet with plenty of vitamins, antioxidant fruits, and vegetables, proteins and minerals is the key to healthy hair and healthy nails.

5. Nails distinguish primates from other mammals

While most mammals have claws to help them with daily tasks, have primates (including humans) nails. According to scientists, the claws into broader fingertips with nails to aid in locomotion.

6. Nail biting hot onychophagy

It not only has a scientific name, but nail biting is also the most universal “nervous habit.” About half of the children between 10 and 18 years biting his nails, but most people quit by the age of 30 years. Nail biting is not really dangerous, but unsanitary.

7. You should nail breathe between two manicures

To keep your nails healthy, do not get them quite often paints. “Believe it or not, the hard part at the top of your finger is living tissue, causing oxygen to be able, if that is not the case, it is harder for your nails to ward off infections also polish also ensures that. Your nails dry out, while the chemicals make them less flexible and less powerful. “

8. Nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter

The various periods in a year may have an impact on the rate at which you grow nails. Also, your age, genes and a handful of other factors have an impact.

9. Ten percent of the dermatological disorders has to do with your nails

Fungal infections cause approximately one-half of that nail disorders. Other common diseases are white spots, vertical lines, bacterial infections and ingrown toenails. Older people often have more nail problems than younger people.

10. Stress demands a toll on your nails

Besides picking and biting your nails, chronic stress can also disrupt the growth of your nails. “The stress and fatigue use the energy of the body and the nutrients away from healthy growing nails and hair.”

11. There is a reason why we are not against nails on a chalkboard to

Just the thought of scratching nails on a chalkboard enough to make us cringe. But why? According to research, it is because the sound reaches a frequency which is amplified in a natural way by the shape of our ear canals. Further, it is also possible that there is also an underlying psychological cause: when test subjects knew of where the sound came out, they had many more problems.

12. Cuticles have a purpose

That is why many experts recommend not to remove them an aesthetic purpose. “The cuticle is there to retain the moisture and to keep the area bacteria from the body.”

13. The hardness of your nails is mostly genetically determined

If you regularly suffer from brittle, depleting nails, then that is the fault of your genes. Fortunately, there are some tricks to avoid. “Washing without gloves, cleaning, working with paper, frequent manicures and regular use of antiseptic ointments are the biggest culprits.” To protect your hands, you need several times a day using a thick nail and hand cream.

14. Your nails need blood to survive

Have you ever wondered why a nail sporadically after an injury? That’s because of your nail plate blood, oxygen, and nutrients needed to grow normally. An injury can impair delicate microscopic compounds, which cannot repair the nail and sometimes fails.

15. Nails reveal a lot about your health

A dermatologist can tell a lot about your health just by looking at your nails. A discolouration of the nail bed (bluish indicates lung diseases) to visible capillaries in your cuticle (autoimmune disease) your nails can reveal conditions. If you so something unusual looks on your nail, you can contact your dermatologist for help.