Sunny Health & Fitness Sit Up Rowing Machine

Are you one of those folks who have a gym membership but is not quite active at the gym all the time? You are familiar with some of the equipment at the gym but is somewhat intimidated by most of it. While you are interested in fitness, it is more to do with general toning and not for getting that six-pack many others are looking for. Since you find it a bit of a hassle to accommodate your trips to the gym amidst your daily work and life routines, you are now tentatively thinking of buying a basic piece of equipment to use at home.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Sit up Rowing Machine is made just right for you. A basic rower at a very affordable cost, the Sunny Health & Fitness Sit up Rowing Machine is a unique 1-2 combination of sit-up bench and rowing machine both in 1 piece of equipment. It can be used in two modes – firstly as a basic sit-up bench to perform regular twists, sit-ups and core-strengthening exercises. It can also be used in a manner where you can switch between the sit-up bench and the rower during a session in order to add intensity to the workout.

This rower provides a total abdominal and cardio workout that targets multiple areas of the body including the abs, arms and the chest. This is the most bangs for your buck that any rower can provide. Providing an average amount of resistance, his rower would be a good choice for those needing a basic rower for workouts of low-to-medium intensity such as warm-ups.

Details of build and dimensions:

The rower measures 34.5 inches in length, 28 inches in width and 18.3 inches in height and has a very compact footprint. This compact footprint enables it to be used in very small spaces such as a bedroom or a balcony. It has a quick folding feature which enables it to be packed up and stored away in extremely small spaces. As is mostly true, less is more. The rower is built with a simple, clean nuts and bolts design which provides a high degree of safety, stability and reliability.

Weight capacity:

Built on a solid steel frame, this rower is built to support weights up to 220 lbs. This weight capacity would be sufficient to meet the needs of most beginner fitness enthusiasts who need a basic rower.

Adjustable functions available:

Variable resistance is provided using a twin hydraulic-cylinder system. While the rowing function engages the complete upper to mid body – the shoulders, the chest, the back and the arms, the sit-up bench targets and isolates the core and abdominal muscles. The use of both the sit-up bench and the rowing machine targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously while providing a complete cardiovascular workout.


This rower boasts a fully padded bench and non-slip grip rowing arms. The cushioned hand-grips in yellow and black provide a high degree of comfort and safety to the user.

Product weight and color:

The product weight is 20.3 lbs. with actual shipping weight clocking in at 24.6 lbs. It is available in a brown and black compound color design. It is extremely light-weight thus enabling users to carry it around while moving about. Produced in an elegant brown and black compound color design, this is one rower that not only runs good but also looks good.


This rower comes with the standard warranty as issued by the manufacturer. The terms would be as per the warranty document issued with the sold product.