Laser Teeth Whitening: What To Know About It

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In your search for a teeth whitening treatment, you will come across the concept known as laser teeth whitening. Promising to provide instant results, there is a greater tendency that you will choose this over at-home treatments that are available through teeth whitening kits. While thinking over to undergoing this process, you might feel the need to assess what laser teeth whitening is all about first. You may use the following facts when making your assessment.


#1 – Deep Cleaning Teeth with Laser can be performed depending on your teeth color.

Believe it or not, the teeth that you usually think as yellow, is not yellow. Those who have whiter teeth may think that their teeth is really white, but they are not either. In a spectrum used by dentists, a reddish tinge comes into the picture. This is according to the Vita Shade Guide that vouches how dentists use this guide in order to determine your teeth color. The A shade is the reddish brown while the B shade is the reddish yellow. On the other hand the C shade is gray while the D shade is reddish gray. This will be used by the dentist to assess if you are a candidate for laser teeth whitening or not.

#2 – Limit your intake of coloured beverages.

You know very well that coffee and tea stains the teeth thus leading to discoloration. While these two things are common culprits that may lead you to undergo any teeth whitening procedure, remember that there are other coloured beverages which will make you undergo the treatment. Sodas, colas and sola are included in your list.

#3 – Instant results could happen.

As mentioned in the introduction to this article, laser whitening promises instant results. And by instant results, it means you will get it in just an hour. Laser teeth whitening has the capability to improve your teeths shade and you will be able to get that right after the procedure, which usually lasts an hour. You have to take note though that the process may take longer if your teeth is severely discolored; about 3 hours for instant whitening results.

#4 – There’s a line of comparison between bleaching and laser teeth whitening.

While laser teeth whitening offers instant results, there is one line that leads you to compare it with bleaching then favor the latter over the former. This is the price that is attached to the process. Laser teeth whitening is more expensive as it can cost in between $300 and $2,000 per session. Bleaching, on the other hand is offered at a much lesser cost as kits may even be offered for as low as $150 or even lower than that depending on where you will buy your teeth whitening systems from. Of course, if you are after results, you are caught to choose in between bleaching through a professional and laser teeth whitening, which is likewise done by an expert. In this case, you may have to favor the latter since it requires only one visit to your doctor.

Now that you have come across facts that define laser teeth whitening as a process, it is up for you to make a final decision if your will go for it. After all, you have lots of choices when it comes to teeth whitening.