The Most Surprising Health Benefits Of Kaffir Lime

Limes are amazingly beneficial in bringing out the flavor of different delicacies. Even though it is quite similar to lemon, it undeniably has a uniquely distinctive citrus taste. Limes are beneficial for the health, especially in treating various illnesses, since it has the amazing antioxidant, vitamin C. There is this one kind of lime that is not that known to many, it has an ‘ugly’ appearance, yet surely, you’ll love what it can do for your health. I am talking about kaffir lime. It may have a uniquely different appearance, but the health benefits of kaffir lime will make you wow. Its health benefits are actually astounding and are all good for the betterment of the overall health. If you want to know these and more, feel free to read on to this article.

Kaffir Lime: What is this?

The term ‘kaffir lime’ is actually the most common term or the name of the Citrus hystrix. Kaffir lime is actually a tropical fruit, which is native to various countries in Asia. In fact, it is beneficial in the culinary field because of its uniquely pleasant and tart flavor. Furthermore, kaffir lime is also a highly valued in herbal medicine, because of its rich content of various organic compounds, which may positively affect the body systems.

Moreover, the leaves, oil, rind, as well as the fruit of kaffir limes are all useful for various purposes. More often, kaffir lime is used in sauces and soups, most particularly the leaves, which are often used in Thai cooking. Furthermore, the leaves as well s the rind of the lime is so powerful, thus it can make the flavor of your dish overwhelming.

The strong flavor of the kaffir lime is actually because of the high concentration of different organic compounds in it. These include nerol, limonene, Citronellol, and alkaloids. Not only that the kaffir lime provide an astounding flavor and aroma, it is also a home for so many health benefits. In the actual fact, the oil that is present from the leaves of the lime can be mixed in various cosmetic products. It may also be combined with fragrances, salves, soaps, and shampoos. On the other hand, the kaffir lime leaves are commonly applied orally or topically to get its benefits.

Nutritional Facts of Kaffir Lime

One serving (67 grams) of kaffir lime may have:

NutrientsAmountPercent Daily Value
Total fatO Gram
Carbohydrates7 grams
     Glucose1 gram
     Fiber2 grams8%
     Net Carbohydrates5 grams
Protein0 gram
Vitamins and Minerals
Iron0.2 milligrams3%
Calcium20 milligrams3%
Vitamin C28.8 milligrams48%
Vitamin  A9 µg2%

Uses of Kaffir Lime

Kaffir lime has a lot of uses, not only the fruit but the leaves as well. As stated earlier, the kaffir lime leaves are utilized in soups. But it may also be beneficial in stir-fried dishes, curries, and salads. Furthermore, it is also useful for salad garnishing and for some other exotic dishes. Additionally, the kaffir lime juice, as well as beverages, may never be seen separately. The kaffir lime rind is actually beneficial in making curry pastes. As well as to add some additional flavor to rum. Furthermore, the kaffir limes are also useful in making insecticides and shampoos. Also, it is useful as a bleaching agent.

Health Benefits of Kaffir Lime

Let’s have a closer look at the various health benefits of kaffir lime.

  • Hair care: the kaffir lime juice, as well as the leaves, are beneficial for the hair. You may apply decoctions and various mixtures to the scalp and the hair, this is to slow down the onset of baldness and to strengthen the hair follicles as well.
  • Helps boost the immune system: the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of the lime are what makes it powerful in boosting the immunity. Not only that the topical application of the lime is beneficial in preventing bacteria and infections, it also helps in preventing various gastrointestinal illnesses when consumed.
  • Help reduce stress: the oil from the lime is essential as an aromatherapy. If you are suffering from anxiety, stress, or depression, this may calm your body and mind. Thus, making it one of the most astounding health benefits of kaffir lime.
  • Helps in reducing inflammation: kaffir lime is beneficial in treating various inflammatory disorders. You may use the juice, the leaves, or the oil extracts of the fruit in this particular benefit.
  • Helps in digestion: various components in kaffir lime are beneficial in the stimulation of the digestive system. If you’re suffering from indigestion or constipation, the lime may clear the symptoms and make your bowel movement regular again.
  • Detoxifies the blood: the unique compounds present in kaffir lime are beneficial in eliminating pathogens and various foreign agents in the blood. This is while also helping the liver as well as the lymphatic system to strain out the dangerous substances and improve the overall health.


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