The Benefits of Afterpay When Shopping Hair Extensions

Afterpay is a great method of payment and is used worldwide. It is very convenient. It is great to use and can be used as a payment method for purchasing hair extensions with Afterpay. To enjoy the benefits you must know how it works.

How does it Work?

Afterpay works in a simple way. You can divide your purchase over 4 equal installments which are due every 2 weeks. The first installment is paid when the purchase is made and the remainder is made over time. This is a great method of payment for those who don’t want to instantly pay for their hair extensions. The hair extensions are given and payment is distributed.

Afterpay is always zero interest and there are no additional fees to be paid when it is paid on time. They always email the payment schedule and send notifications when the payment for the installment is due.

There is instant order approval and they ship the orders instantly.

Benefits of Afterpay:

  1. We always have that moment when we want to buy something but we are strapped for cash, missing out on special sales, and waiting for the next paycheck. When you have digital check out system available to shoppers you can take the goods and pay them later.
  2. Afterpay is a leader in buy now pay later industry. It is better than services like Laybuy and unlike these services, Afterpay allows you to get the entire product and you can pay in instalments in a fortnight. This makes for worry-free shopping. Afterpay lets you pay interest-free across Australia.
  3. You simply have to register and get approved. Once you are done with that you can start browsing on your favorite retail stores and online store. The person must be 18 years of age. They must have a verifiable ID and should be the citizen of the country where they are trying to purchase the item from.
  4. This kind of payment is beneficial for those who are not comfortable with sharing their bank details due to risks of fraud and identity theft. Afterpay does not charge you for taking their services because the retailers already pay them for it. This makes it 100% interest-free.
  5. Being a responsible person and paying your installments on time you can be approved easily. This was one of the best ways to pay for your goods and worry about payment later.
  6. If you have not paid on time or missed a payment Afterpay will not allow you to make any more purchases and will restrain your shopping.

This method is used in many places mainly in Australia. Tape-in extensions in Australia is bought by this method. Hair extensions bought are mostly processed soon by the seller.

In a nutshell, these are the benefits that you will get if you buy hair extensions:

  • Easy to use
  • Instant approval
  • Interest-free approval
  • No additional charge
  • Pay fortnightly.
  • No need to jump through hoops and answer trillion questions or pay any interest.

Afterpay may decline you if you do not have good credibility, insufficient funds, and too many purchases pending on your account or have never used it before.

Afterpay Instore

Using Afterpay in-store is made available by making sure you have the application downloaded. It helps to have a history of your purchases and it becomes proof for your credibility. You can be approved for an amount high enough for your purchase. The technician at the store will generate a bar code using your Afterphone application. They will take the bar code and then you have to pay 1/4th of the amount. Afterpay will take a quarter of the funds from your account every two weeks and you have to make sure there are sufficient funds in your account.

Afterpay Online

If purchasing online add the item of choice to your cart. Once at the payment option you can choose Afterpay. You will be directed to sign in your Afterpay account and approved for purchase. When purchasing extensions online you can keep your 4 digit order number and go the salon for your appointment. You can pay for the application of your hair at the appointment as the online hair is at retail price and does not include application cost.

Tape-in extensions used is straight hair extensions, wavy hair extensions, and curly hair tape in extensions. They use virgin hair and they can be bought by the Afterpay services in Australia. The tape-in hair extensions with Afterpay are of great quality and various colors which look really natural and they cost great amount but luckily with Afterpay, you can pay them dividing it into 4 different portions.

You can link Afterpay with an application on PlayStore and use it. You can stay up to date with new retail launches and manage existing orders through this application.

Alternatives for Afterpay

There are alternatives to Afterpay. You can choose Zipway, Openpay which work in a similar fashion to Afterpay. They help people who want to shop now and pay later. Some of this application takes an account fee which is not much. They work in a similar fashion and you have to pay a quarter of the amount at the time of the purchase of your hair extensions. The other amount will be removed in a quarterly manner in 2 weeks.

Precautions to take while using Afterpay

You should have sufficient balance in the bank for the money to be deducted otherwise the late fee is charged and an additional fee is charged with every week for which is overdue. So one should take note when installments are due and you will not have any issues. They will also notify and send a text with the amount they will withdraw from the account so you can make sure the balance is there.

Final Words

One should try this service and see how well it works for hair extension shopping. This is a great application and easy to sign in and people can be approved easily. This lets you enjoy your extensions and lets you pay later for them. It is a great service provided by many countries mainly Australia and its requirements are simple for people to enjoy its benefits.

Providing good lustrous perfect hair now and pay it off later, while you are wearing your hair extension set. Afterpay gives you a different perspective and a whole new shopping experience. Australia is obsessed with Afterpay and it substitutes layby. It is a simple payment option chosen by many in Australia for their tape hair extensions. It is a convenient and better payment option for them. The major appeal being the purchasers can buy the product without upfront payment.

There is popularity with this application but it does bring stress on the shoppers. They link their cards to the Afterpay account and then the balance is paid by deducting from their account. Mainly Afterpay is used for luxurious items too like hair extensions and some of them use it to buy items they need urgently. Thus, it is a good payment option and it lessens the weight of shouldering the burden of paying at that moment.


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