The Effect of Green Tea in Losing Weight


Green tea as some say, is the healthiest of all the beverages in this world. This is because it is very rich in various substances including the amazing antioxidants. Moreover, many studies suggests that this stunning beverage helps in increasing the reduction of fats and may help in the process of losing weight. The effect of green tea in losing weight is as amazing as its health benefits.

What does Green Tea Have to Support Weigh Loss?

Green tea is not just an ordinary hot, flavoured water –it is more than that. All the bioactive substances in the green tea leaves are being dissolved in a hot water in order to make a tea. Drinking a cup of quality tea, gives large amount of nutrients with effective biological effects in the body.

One of the most common substance present in tea is the caffeine. A cup of tea usually contains lesser caffeine than a cup of coffee. However, it is still enough in giving a slight effect in the body. Caffeine is actually a stimulant that helps in losing weight and improving exercise performance.

Moreover, antioxidant properties of green tea is actually the most special thing about it. Catechins is an effective antioxidant that helps in improving the digestive system. Furthermore, the most important catechin present in the green tea is the Epicallocatechin Gallate which helps in boosting the metabolism.

It is important to keep in mind that all of these benefits can be obtained both by consuming it as a supplement and as a beverage. Additionally, extracts are much better as studies suggest.

Green Tea helps in Weight Loss, Especially during Exercise

By looking into some commercial weight loss supplement, you may find some sort of tea that is included as one of the ingredients. Why? Because green tea has in fact helps in the rapid burning of fats. Most especially during exercise.

Some studies show the adverse effect of green tea in weight loss is quite impressive. Green tea appears to help in boosting the process of burning flabs that eventually leads to a long term reduction of body fats.

Green Tea Boosts Metabolic Rate and Burns more Calories

Human body constantly burns calories every day. Even when at sleep, sitting in a balcony, or anything you do, your cells still perform a lot of functions which requires energy. Some studies show that the amazing green tea may help in burning more calories in the body even though at rest.

Most studies show that an increase of 3-4% in calorie burns may happen. Furthermore, there are some studies also that shows an 8% increase. To anyone who burns 2000 calories a day, a 3-4% is equivalent to additional 60-80% of calories a day. This is similar on what you may expect in a high protein diet plan.

It is important that you keep in mind, not all studies are the same. Moreover, some studies does not show improvements in boosting the metabolism, Hence, the effect of green tea in losing weight depends on the individual.

Can Green Tea help in Consuming Lesser Calories?

One awesome way to get the effect of green tea in losing weight is by means of appetite reduction. By reducing the appetite, the intake of calories will be reduces as well. Furthermore, it also automatically lessen the calories intake without even excreting effort.

Some studies show that the effect of green tea in losing weight and appetite are good. However, most of which show conflicting results.

Generally, it seems that green tea presents its effects mainly through the reduction of calories intake. This helps in burning more fats, however, it does not appear to be noticeable.

Green Tea helps in Losing Fat, Especially in the Abdominal Area

In terms of the actual fat burns, the effects of green tea were all moderately diffident. Even though there are some studies which show individuals losing weight, there are still some that shows no effect. However, we should keep in mind, that not everyone has the same kind of fats.

There are some fat that are subcutaneous which lodges beneath the skin. However, some fat are also visceral –this is often called belly fat which builds up in the organs. This is the kind of fat that may cause harm. Because visceral fat may cause sudden inflammation and resistance of insulin. Both of which were linked strongly to some examples of serious ailments, including heart diseases and Type 2 Diabetes.

Final Thoughts on the Effect of Green Tea in Losing Weight

Though green tea has the capacity to increase metabolism and weight loss, the effects of it are uncertain in terms of the actual weight loss. However, every addition may add up in the better treatment of weight loss. Green tea is not only a beverage that makes you relax –it’s more than that.


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