The Most Surprising Health Benefits Of Elderberries


Berries are undeniably one of the most nutritious things here on Earth. One of which is the elderberry. This particular type of berry is actually a good addition to the diet. You may be are wondering why. Well, no need to worry, because in this post you will get to know more about elderberries. Not just that, the health benefits of elderberries are also in here, so we got your back, pal! Sit back, relax, and enjoy reading this article!

Elderberries: What are these?

The elderberries are actually the berry of the Sambucus (a flowering plant), more popular as the elderflower. Scientifically, the most mutual type, wherein we acquire the majority of the elderberries is popular as the Sambucus nigra. Mainly, you can find the berries in the Northern hemisphere, specifically in North America and Europe. Even though some of the southern species of the fruit comes from Australia.

Moreover, elderberries are black in color or maybe in a super dark blue shade. The taste of it is sweet and sharp at the same time. This is what makes it a highly favorite ingredient for spreads, jellies, jams, syrups, desserts. And as a base for a number of beverages and cocktails. The wine that comes from the elderberry is so popular and in fact, you can make it at home.

And since almost all the berries that are part of the Sambucus genus are quite toxic. Thus, being cautious is a must. Furthermore, it is also necessary to cook the berries before consuming it. The branches, twigs, as well as the leaves of all the species may contain trace rudiments of cyanide. This may accumulate in the body and may kill you eventually.

However, in spite of the inherent risks that elderberries have, they are rich in various nutrients. This is the reason why it plays a big part in the traditional medicines for so many years. In fact, certain health benefits of elderberries have made it through the mainstream. The credits for the popularity of elderberries recently must go to the unearthing of the health benefits of it.

Nutritional Facts of Elderberries

The elderberries can be a great addition to your diet if you’re looking for a fruit that’s rich in fiber. Not just that, it is also beneficial in boosting the digestive system. In fact, a single serving of the fruit may already give about 28% of the daily requirements of fiber.

The following nutrients are what makes the elderberries worth eating:



% Daily Value

Energy 73 Kcal 3.6%
Carbohydrates 18.40 grams 14%
Protein 0.66 grams 1%
Total Fat 0.50 grams 2%
Cholesterol 0 milligram 0%
Dietary Fiber 7 grams 28%
Folates 6 µg 1.5%
Niacin 0.500 milligrams 3%
Pantothenic acid 0.140 milligrams 2.5%
Pyridoxine 0.230 milligrams 18%
Riboflavin 0.060 milligrams 4.5%
Vitamin A 600 IU 20%
Vitamin C 36 milligrams 60%
Sodium 6 milligrams 0.5%
Potassium 280 milligrams 6%
Calcium 38 milligrams 4%
Iron 1.6 milligrams 20%
Magnesium 5 milligrams 1.5%
Phosphorous 39 milligrams 5.5%
Zinc 0.11 milligrams 1%
Isorhamnetin 5.4 milligrams
Quercetin 26.8 milligrams

Uses of Elderberries

Here are some other uses of the elderberries:

  • The flowers of the elderberries may be beneficial in internally treating skin irritation, as well as influenza.
  • The elderberry flowers are useful in making jelly. They may also be beneficial in baking.
  • You can use the elderberries in making teas, jams, wine, tinctures, and syrups. The wine from elderberries is also a popular addition to meals.
  • You can use the leaves of the elderberry plant as an insect repellant since it has a very unpleasant smell.

Health Benefits of Elderberries

Here are some of the most staggering health benefits of elderberries:

  • Aids in losing weight. The great levels of dietary fiber in the elderberries are beneficial in speeding up the metabolism. The fiber is beneficial in keeping you feel full much longer. Furthermore, the low-calorie levels don’t affect your own intake as well.
  • Boosts the skin health. The bioflavonoids in the elderberries are essential in giving a boost to the skin. Moreover, the antioxidant activity in it is also beneficial in preventing and lessening the wrinkles. Thus helping the age spots to fade.
  • Improves the bone health. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in the elderberries may help in relieving the soreness and joint pains from inflammation. Furthermore, the rich levels of essential minerals in it are beneficial in the promotion of bone strength. As well as the development of new bone tissue.
  • Helps in controlling diabetes. The dynamic antioxidant properties of the elderberries are beneficial for the pancreas in regulating the glucose and insulin levels. They are essential in providing the stability for those who are suffering from diabetes. Also, it helps in aiding those who are non-diabetic to avoid the development of diabetes.
  • Helps to boost the immunity. The anti-infectious and antibacterial properties of the elderberries are essential in guarding the body against any harmful infections.
  • Helps in improving the heart health. The rich levels of fiber in elderberries are beneficial in eliminating the excess cholesterol from the system. This is beneficial in the elimination of chances of developing atherosclerosis.


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