Amazing Home Remedies for Motion Sickness

Do you avoid traveling because you might feel something strange while riding by any means of transportation? Its ok, you are not alone. Many people tend to put off their travel plans because of motion sickness. Even though is not a serious medical condition, it may have a much deeper impact on the psychological aspect of one’s life in terms of the way we feel about traveling. Good thing there some effective home remedies for motion sickness that you can use to treat the condition.

Travel sickness or motion sickness is a certain feeling of dizziness, nausea, and occasionally vomiting that is being initiated by any mode of transportation. This is mainly triggered by the confused sensations. When the eyes recognize a movement that is different from the actual sense of movement, it will result in motion sickness or what we call kinetosis.

Motion sickness may become so pondering that a person experiencing it may even get shy from traveling even just in a short distance. Several times, the effects of motion sickness or kinetosis physically may trigger strong psychological reactions and a patient might start to feel his or her motion sickness. Motion sickness if the patient suffers from spondylitis, ear infection, and astigmatism.

Types of Motion Sickness or Kinetosis

The types of motion sickness are named after its particular mode of transportation triggers this unwanted feeling. The following are the four (4) types of motion sickness:

– Spinning sickness

– Airsickness

– Seasickness

– Carsickness

Some Simple Measures to Fight Motion Sickness

If you feel like nothing cannot avoid you from traveling, and you really want to, you must be prepared for what you must do to fight off the feeling of motion sickness. Aside from the different home remedies for motion sickness, here are some of the simple measures you can use to fight motion sickness:

– Avoid eating very fatty, spicy, and heavy meals before going on the trip. These will cause the stomach acidity to shoot up.

– Keep yourself hydrated.

– Do not travel on an empty stomach.

– Take a seat close to the driver.

– Do not play video games or read books while on the road.

– Always keep your mouth busy. You can opt to chew gum, chips, cookies, or even sip water. The jaw movement helps in relieving the tension. Furthermore, it may also help in relieving headaches because of nausea.

– If you travel at night time, simply take a nap or close your eyes. This might be a great help in fighting motion sickness. This will help in soothing your sensation by disallowing the two opposing senses.

– Look out of the vehicle’s window at afar objects. Moreover, you can also opt to look in a certain direction of travel directly, however, make sure that it is still distant. This is for the reason that the closer a certain object that you look at, the more the conflict in the vision and sense of movement and balance.

– The bad smell of the car can trigger nausea. Rolling down the windows for fresh air is a must.

Home Remedies for Motion Sickness

In addition to the above-mentioned tips, here are some of the best home remedies for motion sickness:

Deep breathing. You must inhale fresh air deep and slow. The flow of fresh and clean oxygen helps in not just soothing motion sickness, it also reduces anxiety.

Ice cream. Since ice cream has milk cream, it is beneficial in soothing the stomach acidity.

Light meals. An hour before traveling, makes sure to have a light and low-fat meal. The fuller the stomach, the better the travel experience.

Apple juice. To ease motion sickness you can try sipping into an apple juice before and while in the journey. However, you must control the amount of apple juice that you consume, because excessive intake of it may make you vomit.

Ice chips. You can ease queasiness and nausea by sucking into ice chips. This is very soothing, it gives you something to do. Moreover, it is also good for those who aim to lose weight since it has zero calories.

Peppermint. This particular herb, when you chew may, in fact, reduce the effects of a headache and nausea because of motion sickness. Moreover, this medication can also be suitable for toddlers.

Lemon. The tangy and fresh fragrance of lemon is beneficial in soothing the motion sickness and some other symptoms. Furthermore, you can also try sipping a lime soda since it also acts that way.

Ginger. This is one of the most time-tested and a sure shot type of home remedies for motion sickness. Ginger helps in alleviating the effects of motion sickness. You can incorporate ginger into your tea. You can drink it before going on a trip or you can bring it with you for the ride.


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