6 Amazing Health Benefits of Lemons

A healthy lifestyle and robust health give you confidence and make you stand out from the crowd. By eating consciously, you can really improve your health. I know the question in your mind will be what exactly conscious eating means. My answer to this question is simple. Observe what you eat and make the right choices of diet and its ingredients. For example, lemon is a common item on my grocery list. I bring a sack of lemons home each time I visit the store because I know lemon has several health benefits and could be very handy in my daily life. Let me enlighten you with my own personal experience about the health benefits I have received from using lemon.


Brain Fog

Brain fog is not a medically-accepted diagnosis but it is a widely-used term connected with stress and anxiety levels within the body. During anxiety, our brain loses focus and clarity  and this often leads to delayed decisions and confusion. Adding lemon to your diet could help you to get rid of brain fog because lemons are high in potassium and can help ease anxiety. Once your anxiety levels normalized, you will feel less brain fog and more clarity in your daily life.


Weight Loss

Obesity is a common disease in recent times as we all often spend more of our time in front of the computer, the tv and our mobile phone instead of going out and doing some form of physical exercise. However, drinking lemon juice in a cup of hot water can really aid your weight loss attempt. Make it a habit to drink one mug of warm water with lemon juice each day. Drinking lemon water after going to the gym is very refreshing and has been working for me for years.


Detoxify Yourself

Forget about buying herbal teas or other detox formulas. Simply add lemon in any form to your diet and you will find your immune system will improve and your body will start showing positive signals, including an improved metabolism and digestion system.


Boost Vitamin C

When the weather changes, cough, flu, and fever all seems so normal; however, these are the symptoms of having low vitamin C levels in your body. You can easily boost your vitamin C levels by adding a lemon to your daily salad, or by making a refreshing drink with honey and lemon.  This addition will certainly help you to improve your vitamin C levels and overcome seasonal infections.


Harmonize pH Levels

The pH levels in the body are an important measurement of your overall health, as pH calculates the acidity and level of alkalinity in your body which keeps your blood and tissues in check. Adding lemon to your diet will help you achieve normal pH levels which are between 7.4. to 7.6. Your body will feel robust and if you are experiencing any body aches, these will improve as well.


Hydrates the Body

Using lemon in your diet will keep your body hydrated without storing any excess water within the body. Using lemon water can also help you to control your caffeine intake, which could be one of the causes of dehydration.



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