5 Health Benefits Of Apple Juice

If you want to enhance your health consuming nutritious foods, one of the best options for it is apples. There are many reasons why opting for apples can be right you. Firstly, as it is easy to consume and requires very little regarding preparation beforehand, you can have the fruit no matter where you are at the gym, in a cab, or at home. Secondly, the fruit is versatile as it allows you to eat it in different forms – as a fruit, juice or extract. You can even include it in salads, pies, and tarts. Thirdly, the fruit is high in nutritional content and offers various health benefits. Here are some of them:


1. Reduces Cancer Risk

Studies indicate that apples can reduce the risk of a few cancers like those of the epithelium and lung. This can be an effect of the high flavonoid content in apples. As the skin of the fruit is rich in flavonoids, it is important to consume this too. The apple coat has a high amount of anti-oxidants too, which plays a crucial role in fighting cancer. As a result of this, the cancer cells are unable to grow, spread or survive in the body. Apples can have a curing effect even on prostate and breast cancer.


2. Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Drinking a glass of apple juice a day can help delay the processes that can cause heart disease. This is enabled by a compound in apples called phytonutrients, which serves to slow the breakdown of low-density lipoproteins (LDL), also known as bad cholesterol. On oxidation, LDL can form plaques that thicken on the arterial walls causing atherosclerosis. If you consume apple juice consistently for a few days, you can see the positive results of it in a short period.


3. Cleanses the body

If you are still wondering on why certain people get skin problems or pimples constantly it because their body is not clean from inside. This problem, however, can be resolved by adding Apple Juice to your diet. Apple Juice can cleanse the body.


4. Facilitates Weight Loss

Apples can also play a vital role in facilitating weight loss. This is especially so if consumed a few minutes before a meal. As apples have a high fibre and water content, they serve to make you feel full before having your meal. This indicates that the amount of food you consume will be less than what it would be if you wouldn’t have eaten an apple. When your meal size reduces, your calorie intake too reduces, thereby facilitating weight loss. Research indicates that when you eat three apples a day and reduce your calorie intake, the resultant weight loss can be up to 3 pounds, over 12 weeks.


5. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

You can prevent Alzheimer’s disease by integrating apples into your daily food intake. Apples contain antioxidants that can protect your neurones from damage that can cause the age-related disease. Studies indicate that when you consume two glasses of apple juice a day, the production of beta-amyloid, which creates plaques that can result in loss of cognitive functions and memory – signs commonly associated with Alzheimer’s disease, is reduced.


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