What Are The Health Benefits Of Ixeris Chinensis?

There are several lists of varieties of plants, which can give us the nutrients awe need. It may be the fruit, stem, or roots of the plant. Furthermore, it can also be an herb, which comes from the flowering plants. Because of these varieties is so many, some are popular while some are not. Moreover, some also are discovered a long time ago already and some that are just recent discovery. That is why we will talk about this particular flowering plant that is little to known but has the potential to be popular. What is this? Well, it is called as Ixeris Chinensis. Give this article a read and get to know about the health benefits of Ixeris Chinensis.

There are many health benefits, which can give us. These benefits include prevent certain types of cancer, improve our vision health, lower cholesterol, protect the immune system, and has the ability to prevent a certain allergic reaction.

Ixeris Chinensis: What is this?

This species of Asian flowers is actually a member of the family of Ixeris is not that popular with the people. Even though it has been covered in a small number of publications and academic papers, it is considered to be very important. Why? Well, it has the unique organic composition such as sitosterols, lutein, chinensiolides, and many other important nutrients that gives significant effects. Furthermore, the flowers are yellow in color, small and have many satellites. The perennial varieties of this plant are producing achenes. Moreover, within the genus, there are approximately 60 species of the Ixeris but the Chinensis variety has been receiving a big attention. You can find it commonly in the herbal remedy distributors or nutritional supplement stores.

The way it was prepared in China and other many parts of Asia is still in a traditional way. The impact of it on the human health makes is a good choice for the rest of the world. It is just a recent discovery but it will surely continue to grow.

Health Benefits of Ixeris Chinensis

Even though the research on this Asian flower is somewhat limited, there is no denying what it can give to us. Below are some of the health benefits of Ixeris Chinensis:

  • It has anti-cancer potential. One of the most exciting studies has focused on the possibility that this flower has anti-cancer effects. This flower certain extracts are able to cause apoptosis in the cancerous cells, in specific are those you find in the liver. Apoptosis means the death of the cancer cell and that is the conclusion of the research. This means that it is an exciting forward in cancer’s herbal treatment. The ongoing research is being conducted now into effects of the flower on the other types of cancer.
  • It has antiviral activity. There is an evidence that shows that this flower has antiviral capabilities. Even though the research is limited, the early results show this flower’s extract can inhibit the virus of hepatitis B.
  • It helps in lowering cholesterol. Beta-sitosterol, a common chemical that can be present in many plants, Is one of the other constituents of this. They possibly have a powerful effect on the levels of cholesterol in the body. What it means is that they can balance both the bad and good cholesterol in the body. Therefore, they protect you from diseases such as heart attacks, atherosclerosis, general heart disease, and strokes.
  • It improves the vision of health. Lutein which is the most potent chemicals present in this flower is most famous because of its impact on the health of the eyes. The functions of it are to act as an antioxidant that can eliminate the free radicals which speed the cataracts development and cause muscular degeneration. The best way to protect and improve the eyesight as we age is by reducing the free radicals.

A Word of Caution                    

Although the potential of this is very impressive, you have to remember to not mix the supplements or extracts with other prescribed drugs. The reason for that is as certain combinations can be really dangerous. Before adding the supplement or extract of it, you must remember to always consult a trained herbalist or medical professionals.


There is really an endless list of the foods or herbs in the world. Furthermore, there are the common foods or herbs that are available in the grocery stores or in the local market. The list of possible foods and herbs are also many as well as the recent ones. Moreover, the Ixeris Chinensis is considered to be one of the latest discovery and that means it still needs a deep research. However, we can already see that this has the potential to be a healthy one that our body might need. There is a few research but what this shows already the benefits and possible ones. Nevertheless, before trying one, again, ask an herbalist or medical professionals.


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