Is Peppermint Tea for Weight Loss Safe and Effective?

Getting sick of drinking the usual black or green tea in losing weight? Do you want to try something different yet amazingly refreshing? Try the peppermint tea. This special and aromatic drink can help beat any fruit juice or cappuccino that contains excessive amounts of calories. Is peppermint tea for weight loss good? Of course, it is.

Not only that peppermint tea low in calorie content, it is also beneficial in conquering appetite, reducing the effects of stress, and improving the digestion. The best portion of it is that if you drink this beverage, you will not acquire any side effects.

What is Peppermint Tea?

Mentha balamea or peppermint tea is actually a hybrid plant. This is the result of crossing the spearmint and watermint plant. The origin of the tea is in the Eastern Asia. However, it is also native to some parts of Europe. Peppermint tea is actually an easy-to-grow plant that has a distinct and dark green leaves.

Usually, peppermint is used as an additional flavoring to some foods like confectionery and chewing gum. Furthermore, it is also used to give flavor to our toothpaste and add scent to skin care products like lotion or soaps.

The oil extracts of the peppermint leaves can be incorporated in cosmetics and some other medicinal products.

Is Peppermint Tea for Weight Loss Safe?

Yes, peppermint tea in losing weight is absolutely safe. You can consume the tea to help you in burning out all the calories in your body. However, you must consult your doctor if it is your first time taking the tea for weight loss purposes.

You are not allowed to drink the beverage if you are suffering from acid reflux. Furthermore, only adults are allowed to drink it, keep it away for children or infants. This may harm their health if they consume it.

What is the Best Time to drink Peppermint Tea for Weight Loss?

You can drink peppermint tea in your breakfast, morning snack time, or in the evening time. Or, if you want to incorporate it in the evening, you can drink it 30 minutes before eating your dinner. This will help you reduce your appetite, improve your fat mobilization, and increase your metabolic rate.

How Peppermint Tea Aids Weight Loss?

Here are some of the pieces of evidence that peppermint tea really helps in losing weight:

Helps improve the workout. The vasoconstrictor, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory properties of the peppermint tea helps in improving the endurance, which is important in weight loss.

Supports digestion. Scientific studies show the adverse effect of peppermint tea in settling the gastrointestinal tract and helps promote a healthy bowel movement. Furthermore, it also helps in easing constipation and improving the digestion.

It combats bloating. Peppermint tea helps in combatting the effects of bloating. Furthermore, it also helps in treating some digestive conditions. Moreover, it also relaxes the abdominal muscles and helps increase the flow of bile, which in turn improves digestion.

Helps relieve stress. Some studies suggest that the aroma of peppermint may reduce the effect of stress. Furthermore, the studies show that there is a 20% decrease in the anxiety and fatigue levels and a 25% decrease in the frustration levels.

It regulates the levels of blood pressure and cholesterol. According to some study, the presence of antioxidants in the peppermint tea helps in reducing the cholesterol levels and lowers the toxicity. The leaves of the peppermint provide sustenance to the intestinal and digestive health. Furthermore, the peppermint tea helps in losing weight and also helps in maintaining the intestinal health if you’re on diet.

Helps in burning more calories. Burning calories is the number one goal in losing weight. The catechin and caffeine in peppermint tea help in increasing the temperature and eventually speeding up the process of metabolism.

Suppresses the appetite. The strong aroma of the tea helps in reducing the appetite and inhibit cravings. This is the reason why people who chew peppermint gums eat less all day.

Some other Benefits of Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea for weight loss, it doesn’t stop there, because the amazing drink is also oozing with amazing benefits. Actually, here are some of which:

-The drink helps in making you sleep easily. It helps in relaxing your muscles which contributes to a more restful sleep.

-Peppermint tea is good for relieving stress. The menthol in the drink helps your muscles to be in the state of relaxation. Some research states that relaxation can relieve stress and anxiety.

-Peppermint tea helps in making you focus on the things you do. Furthermore, it also helps in improving your concentration capacity.


Isn’t it amazing how the peppermint tea helps you in many ways? It can be an aromatic and delicious drink, and furthermore, you can also use it as a medicine in some illnesses that you may experience. You will not just have a delicious drink, but you’ll also get amazing benefits, most especially in losing weight.


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