The Most Surprising Health Benefits of Squid

Do you often find yourself thinking that squids belong in bait shops and not kitchens? I suggest you reconsider this. Squid is a delicious seafood enjoyed by many. Aside from its taste, it also carries a lot of health benefits, helping with weight loss goals or and providing plenty of nutrients. Keep reading this article to learn more!

Squid: What Is It?

Squid, referred to as calamari in cooking, is a powerhouse of nutrients. Squids, which are marine cephalopods of the Loliginidae family, are mollusks, but with an odd shape signified by their tentacles. When threatened, they famously squirt black ink. Their flesh is chewy and has been a staple in kitchens for many years now, particularly in American and South Asian cuisines. Even their ink is safe to eat, and is often used to add colour to fishes. Their oil can also be used to add flavour or as a cooking additive.

Squid can be added to various dishes or used in dips, including olive oil, soy sauce, mayonnaise, lemon and ketchup. It is a well-known appetizer, dipped in batter and deep fried to make calamari. At the market, it can be purchased in two forms: fresh and dried.


Nutritional Content of Squids

Squid is a very versatile seafood, It can be fried, stewed or grilled. Regardless of the way you cook it, your body would still benefit from its nutritional contents.

  • Vitamin B6: 0.62 milligrams, equal to about 45% of the daily value of vitamin B6.
  • Omega 3 fatty acid: 0.34 grams, equal to about 69% of the daily value omega 3 fatty acid.
  • Selenium: 44.8 µg, equivalent to about 82% of the daily value needs of selenium.
  • Vitamin B12: 2.55 µg, equivalent to about 107% of the daily value needs of vitamin B12.
  • Copper: 0.98 milligrams, equal to about 109% of the daily needs of copper.

Health Benefits of Squids

Here are some of the most surprising health benefits of squid:

  • Helps reduce heart disease and stroke: the heart is undeniably the most important part of the body. By consuming squid, you are also consuming potassium, which is helps regulate your heart beats and reduces the risk of stroke.
  • Maintains the health of the bones and teeth: the ample amount of phosphorus helps ensure strong bones and an everlasting smile, one of the best health benefits of squid.
  • Helps fight anemia: the copper content helps in the production of red blood cells, which contribute to the overall health of the immune system.
  • Stabilizes the blood sugar: squid has no sugar content, so it is safe for diabetics. It also reduces the risk of diabetes, which is one of the deadliest illnesses in the world.
  • Helps make you more productive: the dopamine in squid contributes to mental health, making you more productive and alert at all times.
  • Helps fight off cancer as well as tumors: the ink and flesh of squids are beneficial for preventing and getting rid of cancer, as they are rich in antioxidants.
  • Helps lower cholesterol levels: unlike any other kinds of seafood, squid reduces cholesterol and are low in fat.


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