Tips On Starting a Plant-Based Diet for Beginners

Nowadays leading a healthy lifestyle become a mainstream. We can find a lot of various diets on the Internet or in the special books with recipes. Some people choose to rely on the specialists and arranging visits to the nutritionist. Others decide to create their own diets and calculate the calories each time they have to eat. All variants and methods are good if we are not run into extremes.

A smart approach to the concerns, patience and will power would produce the perfect results. In this article, we selected for you the best pieces of advice from numerous nutritionists and weight loss experts. Moreover, we have tried such diets on ourselves and now we are satisfied with the results. So may the force be with you.

Let’s change our nutrition habits

To keep a diet is not only skill-fully reducing the amount of taken food but also changing the habits and in general the lifestyle.

So, before starting to keep a diet, we advice you to follow such tips:

  • Divide your repast on three main meals per day: breakfast, dinner and supper.

  • Add some additional breaks for the snakes. Keep always near yourself some fruits or cookies from whole grains.

  • Cook some food in advance for a second breakfast or lunch.

  • Do not eat more than two dishes per one ingestion.

  • Put less food in your dish then you are always eating.

  • Going to the supermarket make a list of purchases which you should buy.

  • It is extremely not advised to eat while watching TV or reading a book.

  • A right decision will be to have a walk after eating.

  • Do not cook a lot of dishes for keeping.

  • The amount of calories you get must match your day regime.


Whole food plant-based diet plan

Plant-based diet is the best one for the beginners because it helps to turn the painful process of losing weight into a pleasant event. A chief requirement of this diet is to eat only sitting and do not hurry up. Even if you are a busy college student and can’t let yourself spend an hour for your meal time, you should put aside everything because your health is number one priority. The process of food intake should last 35-40 minutes minimum. You need to chewing well in order to promote digestion.

The pluses of such diet are evident:

– fruits and vegetables are quite wide spreading products which you can buy almost everywhere by available prices;

 – plant based products are mostly delicious;

– plant based diet provides a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals to the body;

 – it is suited for those who is engaging in sports activities. The products which you need to eat keeping this diet are full of protein which helps an organism to build up the muscles;

 – all fruits and vegetables contain dietary fiber;

 – this balanced and low-calorie diet allows you to lose weight quickly and permanently.

 Plant-based recipes for beginners


The greatest dish for your breakfast will be a vegetable salad with mozzarella; cottage cheese; oatmeal with candied fruits or yogurt. You may wash down your meal with green tea or milk.

 Products which should be base of your healthy and substantial breakfast:

 – carrots

– zucchini

– cucumbers

– beans

– green vegetables

– fresh apples

– low-fat milk

– yogurt

– cottage cheese

– oatmeal

– grain

– corn flakes


The perfect dish for dinner is a hot vegetable soup or bouillon.

If you have enough time, you may baked vegetables with fish and cheese or cooked a chicken with mushrooms. More recipes you will find there.

For the second, preparing a salad. Do not afraid to be creative, mixed everything you like. The main thing is that all the components of your salad should be fresh. Do not dress your salad with mayo or sour cream. Instead of it use olive oil.

Our example for one of your salads: take the carrots, beets, lettuce or cabbage; add walnuts and dress it all with olive oil. You can add a bit of boiled chicken and you will receive a quite wholesome salad.


Your supper menu should be light. It is not necessary to overeat in the evening and overload your body before sleep.

While you are keeping such diet it is not forbidden to eat dairy products, fish, meat and eggs. But you should remember that the primary accent you need to make on plant products (about 70%).

Cook the curry or vegetable stew, broccoli soup or salad with celery and green pea. Obviously treat yourself with a steamed salmon or pot roast. If you are a sweet tooth, make a fruit salad with honey and dried fruits. Drink herbal tea, smoothie or natural juice.

The plant-based eating plan is not simply a diet, it is a balanced weight loss method. Interesting fact is that many people who keep this diet become a rotarian. They decide to eat only raw products which are not undergone heat treatment. It is a case when diet changes not only the way of eating but also the way of thinking.

Numerous feedbacks on different blogs about healthy lifestyle show that fruit and vegetable diet is very popular among women all around the world.


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