Top 7 CBD Oil Brands To Try in 2019 and Its Benefits

The best CBD oil brands are selected after running them through quality benchmarks. This indicates that these products are safe, effective, and made from premium quality CBD oils. When determining the best brands in the market, the evaluators looked at the CBD oil potency (the strength of the dose), the ingredient transparency, flavor of the CBD, shipping options, affordability, and customer service. From a Dry Herb Vaporizer to other vaping products, anyone can enjoy CBD oils now!

Here are the quality standards that will help you understand the importance of brands when shopping for CBD oil products:

The Ingredients

The kind of ingredients your CBD oil is a determining factor that the high-quality product should possess. CBD oil has to be organic with no artificial additives. The components should be natural for them to provide maximum benefits.

The CBD Concentration

Different CBD products have different CBD concentrations. Products with high CBD concentrate means that they are strong CBD oil doses. For beginners, it may not be a good idea to start consuming high concentrates of CBD when you are a first-time user.

The CBD Oil Source

It is essential to know the source of your CBD product and where it is grown. This will clarify if the CBD was extracted from the hemp plant or not.

Organic Farming and Ethical Consumerism

This is a straightforward criterion that makes sure the products have been sourced ethically. It will also ensure that the CBD oil has not been harmful to the environment, animals, or human in any way. It should also undergo organic farming techniques. 

There are hundreds of CBD oil brands in the market, and all of them are trying to entice you into purchasing their products. Finding high-quality products can be a daunting task. That is why we have compiled this list of top 7 CBD oil brands for you to try:


CBD oil products from cbdMD are very effective and quite affordable. The company does not offer discounts, but they have a special coupon meant exclusively for you. You will get 15% off your order once you use the coupon code: HERBMIGHTY. 

The CBD oil from cbdMD is good for quality health. They are made from organic, CBD-rich hemp. The company is also known for producing effective tinctures at very cost-effective rates.  


The manufacturing process at cbdMD uses CO2 to produce 99% pure oil. The cannabinoid extra has CBDV, CBG, and other essential oils, amino acids, terpenes, and molecules.

CBD Pure

CBDPure offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on their products. It is the only CBD oil brand that offers such quality assurance. They also give 15% off when you use the code: HERBMIGHTY.  

CBDPure hemp oil produces the best pain-relieving CBD oils. They use pure, high-quality CBD ingredients. Their hemp plants are organic, and they test their products for purity standards. The company also uses terpene analysis to provide optimized industrial hemp oil with maximum therapeutic effects. They also have excellent customer service.

Green Roads World

Green Roads World is an experienced manufacturer and distributor of CBD oil. Their oils are safe and effective, manufactured with natural ingredients. They produce broad-spectrum cannabidiol CBD oil with nutrients from the raw hemp plant. Their precisely formulated products relieve pain immediately. Their oil is infused with high-quality natural cannabidiol, which is a vegetable glycerine-based olive oil that can be used sublingually or vaped.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web provides products with potent CBD concentration. It is a family-owned company that focuses on quality, consistency, safety, and social responsibility. Their processes are overseen from seed to shelf to ensure high-quality processes.


CBDistillery is a transparent, CBD oil manufacturing company. They are known for their knowledge, passion, and honesty. They produce CBD oil with maximum potency. CBDistillery produces first-class CBD isolate (99% pure) in tincture form. Their products help to treat anxiety and sleep disorders as well as pain.


KOI CBD manufactures clean CBD oils with 99% purity. Their products are meant to restore balance in the life of the user. Their products are tested for consistency, purity, and safety. KOI CBD products are full-spectrum and come in four distinct flavors of Spearmint, Natural, Lemon and Orange.


Elixinol is a CBD Oil Company obsessed with high-grade manufacturing products. Quality is of critical value to them. Their products are 100% organic and come in different strengths and flavors. Elixinol uses the eco-friendly CO2 process of extraction to ensure the CBD is pure and free from harsh solvents and chemicals.


These are the seven topmost CBD oil brands to look out for in 2019. They have strict manufacturing and testing processes that ensure pure and quality products. Their products are made from organic ingredients grown naturally on the farm.


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