Transitioning From A Bassinet: How To Get Baby To Sleep In Crib Easily

Baby sleeping in crib

For many parents, when raising children, they often let the baby sleep with them when they transition from a bassinet because they think this will be the best thing for children. However, sleeping with parents can make the baby susceptible to respiratory infections. Sleeping alone can help your child, and you have a deeper sleep. At the same time, he/she can also practice self-reliance, not relying on their parents. You can also find some interesting sleeping tips into TopBabyGears.

Having a baby sleeping in a crib can be a challenging thing for parents. Even more so, it becomes a battle between parents and child. Here are four simple tips that can help you create the habit of sleeping in the crib for your kids.

How To Get Baby To Sleep In Crib

1. Be patient

First, when your baby starts to sleep in the crib, you need to pre-define your thoughts, be determined and patient. Don’t hesitate or give up by the opinions of other people.

At the first time, your baby will cry to avoid sleeping in the crib. If your child cries, you should go to the baby room and comfort him. This can be a “nightmare” in the early time, but gradually they will let used to sleeping in the crib.

2. Create a sleep-enhancing environment

You should not place your baby’s crib near the door or opposite the wall. Because they are so close to the outside and the noise can wake up your child, make them startle and cry. Try to keep your baby’s room quiet so he or she can have a deeper sleep.

3. Time for baby to sleep

Put your child in his or her crib when he or she is sleepy. When they are sleepy, they can know where they are, and that makes them less scared. Because if your kids are sleeping and startled in the middle of the night, they find themselves lying somewhere else, they will be afraid. And this may make them scared their crib.

4. Turn your baby’s crib into a safe, familiar place

You can put a soft blanket or a teddy bear into your child’s crib. This helps to make the baby feel familiar and more secure. Do not use your child’s crib as a way to put your child down whenever you have something to do. Also, do not scold and use crib every time they cried as a way to punish babies. This can affect their psychology, causing him/her to be scared every time he or she is put in the crib.

Take Note

• Check the safety of the crib

Mattress: Between the sides of the crib and the mattress there should be no openings because the baby may get stuck in his or her legs or hands and get hurt. You should choose a flat mattress that fits well with the crib. Do not use too soft or water bed to reduce the risk of sudden death in the newborn and to prevent choking, you should place your baby on his or her back.

Vertical Bars: The spacing between the bars must not be too big to prevent children from sticking their hands, feet, or even head between the two bars. They must be smooth to avoid roughness as they will hurt the baby.

Key: It must have explicit locking and opening mechanism to avoid confusion. Easy to use for adults but safe for children.

• Check your baby’s sleeping position

As soon as the crib is safe for your baby, check your baby’s sleeping position sometimes to make sure your child is on his or her back. It is best to place a baby crib next to the bed of parents for easy monitoring. According to a study, correct sleeping positions in newborns can help reduce up to 70% of deaths. For infants, use a thin blanket to wrap around your baby so that it’s up to your child’s chest.

• When to let your baby leave the crib

When your child is starting to stand, you need to think about giving him/her a new sleeping place because the crib is no longer safe, they can wake up and climb out. Most babies do not sleep in the crib at about two to four years depending on the pace of development and the habit of each child. Parents need to monitor the development of their physical and motor skills to know when it is appropriate for them to say goodbye to the crib.


I hope after reading this post, you can easily get your baby sleep in the crib. If you are having any trouble about this topic, let us know by leaving your comment in the box below. Thank you so much for reading and have a beautiful day!

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