Treatments For Herpes: Are These Really Beneficial?

Have you ever experienced having a cold sore? This condition may sometimes cause you to get an exposure to the herpes virus. Herpes is actually an irritating condition which may affect some parts of the body. Hence, it is a good thing to have enough knowledge about the virus, the causes of it, symptoms, and its possible treatments. Furthermore, the treatments for herpes are very important to know, because in the case that you or those who are close to you experience the condition, you’ll immediately know what to do. To know more about this, continue reading on to this article.

Herpes: What is it?

The herpes simplex is actually one of the easiest and most common contagious infection which affects millions of people all over the world every year. The illness is mainly caused by the virus –Herpes Simplex Virus or the HSV virus. The infection actually comes in a number of forms, which may be caused by two various strains of the virus –the HSV-2 and the HSV-1.

If we talk about the STD or the sexually transmitted disease, there are many people who assume that when they are not feeling or seeing any signs and symptoms, they are clean and safe. But conversely, some people may have various level of genital herpes when they’re active sexually. However, this frequently shows none to relatively mild symptoms in a certain host that is infected. Because of this, it is must that you get a regular check up –most especially when you’re sexually active.

After contracting the condition, it may be difficult to eliminate it fully. This is since the infection may stay hidden in the body for about months or years. Basing on the main risk factors and under various circumstances, the condition may reoccur and it may reappear on the skin surface and the symptoms will manifest again. Hence, there are numerous treatment approaches in herpes involving the symptoms addressing than the virus that underlies within the body.

Herpes: What are its types?

There are two various types or variations of the virus causing herpes –the HSV-2 and the HSV-1. The HSV-2 or the type 2 herpes is more linked to genital herpes. On the other hand, the HSV-1 or the type 1 is often associated with oral herpes, causing fever blisters and cold sores.

  • Genital herpes: this certain infection is actually common in the genitals of both women and men. This is most often transmitted through sexual contact. In an estimate, there are approximately more than 1.1 billion people in the whole world have this condition or infection. Furthermore, the symptoms of it will just manifest in just a small number of people. Actually, there are some instances that some people may have genital herpes in their whole life existence but never know it. This is because they have not seen any symptoms at all.
  • Oral herpes: this is more known as Herpes labialis. This type of herpes affects the lips primarily. This may be transmitted through both non-sexual or sexual contact. Furthermore, the condition is hard to eliminate completely as well. plus, the condition is often recurring since it lays dormant in the nerve tissue of the lip. Over the period of time, the flare-ups may decrease in severity and frequency.

Herpes: What are the causes of it?

There are various causes of herpes; this includes sexual contact with someone who already has the infection and some more. The following are some of the common causes of the condition:

  • Bladder problems: if you have a bladder problem, maybe there is an inflammation of the urethra. This may cause the infection to grow and spread without getting kicked out of the body.
  • Immune system: herpes can occur when the immune system becomes compromised for various reasons. It is whether by an illness or an autoimmune disease.
  • STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease: if you have STD, there is a high chance that you may acquire the illness.
  • Sexual activity: the infection or virus may transfer to another person during a sexual intercourse. Furthermore, even you wear a condom, it may still spread.
  • Gender: studies state that the condition is more likely to happen to women more than men. This is because the infection has much easier to spread from men to women, than vice versa.

Treatments for Herpes

Here are some of the best treatments for herpes:

Dietary changes. If you are lacking any vitamins and minerals, you are more prone to having the condition. Hence, changing the diet plan may be beneficial.

Steroids. Using steroids regularly may help in stimulating the growth and the reoccurrence of the virus causing herpes.

Oral antiviral medications. These medications are more popular among those who have genital herpes. This is because the topical medication may block the airflow in the genital areas.

Antiviral creams. These are popular particularly among those who have oral herpes. This is because it is more effective than the oral medications.


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