Wedding Diet Plan 6 Months

Is your wedding is on the cards? You need to look the best on this special day; it’s an elegant affair after all. The bride needs to maintain a special diet plan so that she looks slimmer yet graceful and fantastic on a special day. Read this article if your D day is near and also make sure your bridesmaids are reading as well or your friends who are about to get married.

Wedding diet plan for 6 months

Month 1

Right in the first month, you must be focused on being active and motivated in starting a diet and workout plan. Once you feel that you need to be in shape and look the best on your special day, you get motivated to follow a diet plan and its good if you start if 6 months beforehand. Start taking in more protein, it needs more energy to break down inside the stomach and it boosts the metabolism of your body. Protein intake all keeps our hunger hormone under control. The golden rule is to intake 1.5 grams of protein per kg of your body weight because our body is capable of absorbing only 20-25gms of protein.

Diet plan:

Morning – Green Tea, 5-6 soaked almonds.

Breakfast – Oats with vegetables, orange juice and 3-4 egg whites

Snacks – Little chicken, chickpea salad, sprouts salad or peanut salad

Lunch – Rice, Lentils, A bowl of vegetables, chicken/fish/egg, curd.

Snacks – Fruit salad

Dinner – Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables

Start taking care of your body from this month onwards, lose weight and remain fit. You can join a gym, yoga class or swimming. Stay away from fatty diets and 30 minutes of workout a day

Month 2

You need to remove calories like added sugar, white starch, and alcohol from the diet. You can also collect a food journal to ensure that you are eating right. You must look graceful on your wedding so carbohydrates are important. Do not entirely focus on weight loss but also increase the stamina. You must increase the intake of unrefined carbohydrates like brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potato; all of these contain low GI (Glycemic Index). Refined carbohydrates increase the rate of absorption of sugar in the body which is harmful. Start drinking a lot of water to have a glowing and supple skin. Working out for 15 minutes is a must.

wedding beauty regime

Month 3

It’s already 3 months and you are super busy but do not skip breakfast. A few months before marriage, have homemade breakfast. The body after hours of sleep is refueled by breakfast so you are accumulating more fat by skipping it. You also feel tired and lack energy the whole day. By now you are already combining diet and exercise to remain in shape to get into some proper aerobics, push-ups and crunches.

Diet plan:

Early morning – A banana or green tea with soaked almonds

Breakfast – Wheat toast along with egg whites or anything that has little carbohydrate

Snacks – Fruit salad, flavored yogurt, lettuce salad

Lunch – Rice, Lentils, A bowl of vegetables, chicken/fish/egg, curd.

Snacks – Boiled eggs, vegetable salad or chickpea salad

Dinner – One bowl of sautéed vegetables with or without chicken or fish, brown rice, one bowl of vegetables and lentils.

Month 4

By now you look fit and confident so stick to the regime and enjoy the pampering. Fiber gives fullness and you would soon get back in shape and get the glow. Natural fibers are very useful for the body and suppress the hunger easily.  Just because you have to go shopping or meet friends, do not take more food at once and you forget about food in-between. You don’t need to have three square meals but break it down to six little ones, at least five.

Month 5

Its time to get a bit serious but you also have your bachelorette parties coming up. You are going to be the bride so you must also eat what you feel like eating because eating well has a positive effect on the mind, it keeps you happy. You wish to have a Pizza on Friday? Please go for it but make sure you are maintaining a plan for rest of the time. You do not have to eliminate any food group but eat everything in moderation. Restriction increase craving and you feel unhappy and it shows on your face. Share a good relation with food, dear bride-to-be.

Diet plan:

Morning – An apple, a banana and green tea

Breakfast – Yoghurt based banana smoothie with almonds or 2 boiled eggs with vegetable salad

Snacks – Peanut salad or hummus

Lunch – Rice, Lentils, A bowl of vegetables, chicken/fish/egg

Snacks – Some nuts or any cheat meal

Dinner – One bowl of sautéed vegetables with or without chicken or fish, brown rice, one bowl of vegetables and lentils.

Month 6

You have done it, girl! Keep snacks bars handy because you would be super busy this one month. Keep up your motivation but you can cut down on your workout timings.  The final diet plan:

Morning – Green tea only

Breakfast – Banana smoothie or ripe papaya

Snacks – Egg whites or chickpea salad

Lunch – Rice, Lentils, A bowl of vegetables, chicken/fish/egg

Snacks – Anything of your choice but in a small portion

Dinner – Take before 7.30 pm – Baked chicken, lentils, salad and go to bed early.


A bride diet is completely different because you are not aiming to tone down to size-0. All you need is a well-rounded diet and a gorgeous look on your wedding day. Eat well, workout, feel good, get the glow and be a beautiful bride.


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