What Are the Best Health Benefits of Arrowroots?

Have you heard of arrowroot before? If your answer is yes, then you must’ve also experienced some of the amazing benefits it has for your health. It’s an amazing root, isn’t it? If you haven’t ever heard of it, that’s okay, too. This article will give you all the necessary information about arrowroot, included more on its astounding health benefits. Some of these include its ability to promote a healthy digestive system, reduce blood pressure, increase circulation, boost metabolism, promote growth and development and more. Feel free to read this article if you want to know more.

What are Arrowroots?

The arrowroot is technically not a plant. Rather, it is a type of starch, readily obtainable from the roots of various rhizomes and plants. This highly nutritious starch has been very valuable to many indigenous cultures for over 7000 years. However, despite the fact that many herbal remedies have been refuted, arrowroot still remains a very important and effective treatment for various health conditions.

Arrowroots may also be used as a replacement for various foods, including corn or flour. Arrowroot powder may be a healthier option for many common cooking ingredients used in cakes, pasta and bread. Furthermore, it is gluten-free, thus making it even more valuable in today’s day and age, given the increase in celiac disease in various countries.

One of the most common uses of arrowroot is as a food sauce thickener, but you can also eat it on its own. It makes a good addition to infant formula, instead of some less nutritious forms of starch. The root arrowroots, consumed raw, stewed or boiled, are beneficial to your health, as they do not lose any of their nutrients or potency.

As stated earlier, arrowroot is mostly used as a food thickener. This is done by mixing the thickening powder to cold water and then adding the solution to your chosen hot liquid. This prevents any clumping. It can also be useful in crackers and cookies as a flour substitute. Many stores carry arrowroot biscuits, which help sooth upset stomachs.

Nutritional Facts of Arrowroots

The health benefits of arrowroots are all thanks to its essential nutrients. Read through the table below to learn more about its nutritional value.

1 serving, or about 100 grams of arrowroots may have:

PrincipleAmount% Daily Value
Energy65 Kcal3%
Carbohydrates13.39 grams10%
Protein4.24 grams7.5%
Total Fat0.20 grams1%
Cholesterol0 milligram0%
Dietary Fiber1.3 grams3.5%
Folates338 μg84%
Niacin1.693 milligrams10.5%
Pyridoxine0.266 milligrams20%
Riboflavin0.059 milligrams4.5%
Thiamin0.143 milligrams12%
Vitamin A19 IU<1%
Vitamin C1.9 milligrams3%
Sodium26 milligrams1.5%
Potassium454 milligrams10%
Calcium6 milligrams0.6%
Copper0.121 milligrams13.5%
Iron2.22 milligrams28%
Magnesium25 milligrams6%
Manganese0.174 milligrams7.5%
Phosphorus98 milligrams14%
Selenium0.7 µg1%
Zinc0.63 milligrams6%
Carotene-ß11 µg
Carotene-α0 µg

Health Benefits of Arrowroots

Here are some of the most staggering health benefits of arrowroots:

  • Good for oral health: it is actually a popular remedy for painful gums, mouth sores and inflammation, as it has a relieving and soothing effect, all credited to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Helps improve metabolism: the vitamin B concentration in arrowroots makes it an essential metabolic and enzymatic substance for the body. Furthermore, the B vitamins are important for regulating various bodily processes. The rich calcium ash content of arrowroot is also important for maintaining the body’s acid-alkali balance.
  • Helps boost immunity: the essential minerals in arrowroots are important for getting rid of various cognitive conditions, fatigue and general weakness. Moreover, it is also beneficial in encouraging oxygenation of the body.
  • Aids in weight loss: the low-calorie content of the arrowroot helps with weight loss, while the dietary fiber of the root is beneficial in eliminating cravings in between snacks.
  • Beneficial for growth and development: the large amount of protein in arrowroots is vital for the growth and development of an individual. This is one of the best health benefits of arrowroots.
  • Helps improve heart health: there is a significant level of potassium in arrowroot. This creates a line of defense against various heart-related conditions.
  • Aids in digestion: the dietary fiber content of arrowroot is important for the betterment of the digestive processes, since it helps move food through the bowels more efficiently while simultaneously stimulating nutrient uptake.


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