What Are The Best Health Benefits Of Bignay?

Have you heard of Bignay before? This is actually a fruit of an evergreen tree, which is mainly found in Malaysia and Singapore. It is popular for its amazing health benefits. Furthermore, this particular gooseberry-sized and reddish-colored fruit is also popular as the Queensland cherry. Moreover, the fruit and the leaves are capable of rendering some health benefits. These health benefits of Bignay are astoundingly amazing for the betterment of the overall health. Read on to this article if you want to know more about Bignay.

What is Bignay?

Bignay is a fruit, take note of that. These fresh and nourishing fruits are native to various regions in Southeast Asia. They became so much popular because of the astounding health benefits they can provide. These small-sized fruits are in reddish to brownish color. Furthermore, they are also very smooth even just to look at. Scientifically, Bignay is popular as Antidesma bunius.

Moreover, due to its ability to reach just approximately 40 meters in height, it is listed as one of the plants that can be short or tall and erect. Additionally, the evergreen leaves of the Bignay tree are large oval in shape and is leathery in texture. Furthermore, the skin of the Bignay fruit is rough and thin. It also produces a unique brightly red-colored juice. This juice may cause some stains on clothes.

The use of this particular fruit is actually in making Bignay tea. This particular tea has lots and lots of benefits for the health. These include a strong and healthy heart, low cholesterol levels, and weight loss. Moreover, Bignay is also beneficial in vines, syrup, jams, and some other delicious foods because of its nourishing and reinvigorating flavor.

It is now widely cultivated in the Philippines, where many people value it for its astounding health benefits. In fact, in the Philippines, they consider it as a medicinal fruit. Aside from it is highly nutritious, it is also rich in anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant properties. You can eat it raw, and fresh from the tree. As stated earlier, you can make a tea or juice out of it, jams as well! And just like grapes, it may also be made into wine.

Traditional Uses of Bignay

Here are some of the uses of Bignay:

  • In India, they boil the leaves of Bignay and use it for the bath to be able to treat the painful joints.
  • The stem and the bark of Bignay are beneficial in treating fever.
  • It is essential in treating syphilitic affections.
  • The leaves, as well as the fruits, are useful in treating anemia and hypertension.
  • The leaves of Bignay are useful in treating snakebites.

By the way, you may also use the Bignay in making wine and brandy. As a natural flavoring agent, it is also a popular ingredient for jams and juices. Not just the fruits of the plants, the leaves of it are also useful in its own way. In fact, the leaves of the Bignay plant can be used in making salads.

Nutritional Value of Bignay

To know more about the nutritional information or the nutritional value of Bignay, please check the table below.

Protein0.75 grams
Calcium0.12 milligrams
Phosphorus0.04 milligrams
Iron0.001 milligrams
Thiamine0.031 milligrams
Riboflavin0.072 milligrams
Niacin0.53 milligrams

As you can see on the table, Bignay is capable of offering a good source of nutrients. All of these nutrients are accountable for the different health benefits of Bignay.

Health Benefits of Bignay

Here are some of the most staggering health benefits of Bignay:

  • Good for the immune system: the Bignay tea is essential in pepping up the levels of metabolism. The better the metabolism, the lower the infections.bignay
  • Good for the liver: the Bignay tea is beneficial in reducing the levels of SGPT and SGOP. Therefore, it is essential in keeping the liver much healthier.
  • Good for the colon: the Bignay tea is a good colon cleanser. Thus you may use this tea in getting rid of the unwanted toxins in the body. Moreover, the natural detoxifying agent in the tea is beneficial in losing weight while helping you look younger.
  • Natural treatment for constipation: large quantity consumption of Bignay may help in rendering a laxative effect. Therefore, it may help in treating constipation.
  • Helps in losing weight: the Bignay tea is beneficial in suppressing the appetite. Hence, drinking a cup of Bignay tea before every meal may help in losing weight better.
  • A good antidote for snake bites: the leaves of Bignay are beneficial as an alternative medicine by the Asian physicians to treat snake bites.
  • Helps in keeping the blood pressure levels under control: the Bignay fruit is beneficial in keeping the blood pressure levels under control.
  • Natural treatment for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): Bignay is beneficial in treating or giving an amazing relief from various infections that affect the urinary tract, including UT.
  • Helps treat syphilis: this condition is a type of STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease. Studies show that the plant’s leaves have a potential in treating syphilis.


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