What Are The Most Staggering Health Benefits Of Carob Tree?

Have you ever heard of the carob tree? Well if not yet, you will be surprised at what it is capable of. The health benefits of carob tree, as well as all its nutrients, vitamins and minerals, are all astounding. If you want to know, it, read this article!

What is Carob Tree?

Carob Tree is scientifically called Ceratonia siliqua L. it belongs to the family of a pea. Commonly, it is grown for its ripe pods, which is roasted, husked, or dried. After these processes, they’ll pulverize it into a powder. This will then be useful as a substitute to cocoa powder. Furthermore,  carob tree is also rich in the following nutrients: calcium, antioxidants, potassium, Phosphorous, riboflavin, vitamin K, vitamin E, zinc.

Moreover, the carob tree is originally from the Mediterranean region. This includes Northern Africa, Middle East, Southern Europe, and the Levant, Moreover, carob has already become a sought after plant in the previous years. This is mainly because of its taste, which is somewhat similar to the chocolate. However, it has no fats as well as caffeine. Carob is rich in various minerals as well as vitamins, and it has a lot of health benefits as well.

Nutrition Facts of Carob Tree

1 Oz or 28.35 grams
Nutrients          Amount% Daily Value
Total Fat – –
Monounsaturated fat0.1 grams– –
Saturated fat8.9 grams– –
Cholesterol0.3 milligrams– –
Polyunsaturated fat0.1 grams– –
Sodium30.3 milligrams2%
Carbohydrates16 grams– –
Net carbs –14.9 grams– –
Potassium179.5 milligrams– –
Fiber1.1 grams5%
Sugar9.7 grams– –
Protein2.3 grams– –
Vitamins and minerals
Vitamin AIU 2.8IU– –
Vitamin A0.3 μg1%
Vitamin B120.1 μg4%
Vitamin B60 milligrams3%
Vitamin C0.1 milligrams1%
Vitamin D0 IU– –
Vitamin D0 μg0%
Vitamin E0.4 milligrams3%
Vitamin K2.2 μg2%
Calcium85.9 milligrams9%
Caffeine0 milligrams– –
Iron0.4 milligrams5%
Phosphorus35.7 milligrams4%
Magnesium10.2 milligrams3%
Zinc1 milligrams7%
Copper0.1 milligrams3%
Choline5.4 milligrams1%
Manganese0 milligrams2%
Selenium1.5 μg3%
Retinol0 μg– –
Lycopene0 μg– –
Thiamine0 milligrams2%
Riboflavin0.1 milligrams3%
Niacin0.3 milligrams2%
Folate6 μg2%
Water0.4 grams– –

* The Percentage Everyday Values are primarily based on a 2,000 calorie food plan, so your values may also change relying on your calorie needs.

Health Benefits of Carob Tree

Here are some health benefits of carob tree:

  • Rich in Calcium and Phosphorus

Carob has three times extra calcium than chocolates, and it has phosphorous too. This allows enhancing bone health.

  • Low Sugar Content

Carob is lesser in fat and sugar than chocolates. It’s the best choice for people who try to avoid blood sugar spikes. This makes it suitable sweet deal with people who have diabetes.

  • Rich Protein and Fiber Content

Carob is rich in fiber and protein. It maintains your stomach feeling full and maintains your digestive system on the right track.

  • Prevent a Migraine and Insomnia

Carob is a wonderful alternative for those who love chocolate however they afflicted by insomnia and migraines. Those conditions can be caused by caffeine or theobromine, both of each are found in chocolates.

  • Good for the Appetite

Carob helps to manage your appetite. Carobs fiber stops the human body from generating ghrelin, the ghrelin hormone tells us when we are hungry.

Some other health benefits of carob tree:

  • Reduce Cholesterol Level

Carob is an extremely good tool for high LDL cholesterol. Carobs fiber has proven to reduce levels of cholesterol.

  • Prevent Cancer

Carob is one of the most fighter cancer and it has antioxidant that fights free radicals. Research has proven that carob seed flour destroys cancerous cells, especially the cervical cancer cells.

  • No Caffeine Content

Carob powder consists of no caffeine. This is great news for people who are sensitive to caffeine the powder form Carob is the best substitute for chocolate. Caffeine is a wonderful drink, however, an excessive amount of caffeine may also cause bad side effects, such as Fast heart rate, insomnia, nervousness, muscle tremor, irritability, and upset stomach.

  • Low Sodium Content

Carob powder consists of no sodium. It’s an awesome choice for people following a low-sodium Food plan, an excessive amount of sodium to your food plan can also increase your Chance of Kidney problems, High blood pressure, Stroke, Heart attack and Osteoporosis.

  • No Gluten Content

Carob powder is gluten-free, Protein is a gluten found in barley, wheat, triticale, and rye. In a few people, gluten causes their immune system to attack the small intestines. This situation is known as celiac disease. If you have celiac disease or if you are sensitive to gluten, you need avoid food containing gluten.


While comparing chocolate to carob, the two don’t like the same taste. Nonetheless, they’re near sufficient that carob really worth your while. One of the great methods to use carob is to purchase the Carob powder and use it the same as cocoa powder. An extremely good way to use it is to combine more than one tablespoons with half of a cup of almond or peanut butter.  Taste the mixture of natural raisins, raw honey, and your favored seasonings. You can roll it into balls for a fast refreshment, or use it as a wholesome spread on apple slices. So what are you waiting for? Go now and buy some Carob Powder!


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