What Are The Most Staggering Health Benefits Of Farro?

Have you heard of farro before? Well, this is actually a grain that is so good to be an alternative addition to various dishes. More importantly, it is insanely full of nutrients. In other words, this particular ingredient is oozing with so many nutrition. This is the reason why the health benefits of farro are worth looking at. Continue reading on to this article to know more.

Farro: What is this?

Farro is actually a whole grain, which is much like any other whole grains like wheat berries, quinoa, and barley. In fact, farro is a certain type of a common wheat. However, a few different variations of wheat are oftentimes called farro. Furthermore, each of these different types of farro is a selection of wheat. Therefore, while farro is considered to be a whole grain, it will never be gluten-free.

The appearance of farro is a bit like a more oblong and is larger than the barley grain. Furthermore, it also has the same texture and taste as the barley.

Moreover, just like barley, farro is quite chewy when you cook it, instead of being mushy and soft. If you prefer the chewy texture o the barley, then you will also like the texture of farro. However, if you are more in favor of eating rice, then you may find the texture of the farro a bit odd. Additionally, barley and farro may be used compatibly in most of the recipes you would want to try it too.

Just like freekeh, kaniwa, and quinoa, farro is also popular as an ancient grain. Meaning it has been around for generations now. This is even though recently, it has heaved in its popularity. Moreover, farro actually comes in various forms, including pearled varieties, semi-pearled, and whole grain.

Nutritional Facts of Farro

¼ cup of an uncooked farro may contain:



     Calories from fat15
Total Fat1.5 grams
     Trans fat0 gram
     Saturated Fat0 gram
Cholesterol0 milligram
Sodium0 milligram
Potassium0 milligram
Dietary fiber7 grams
Total carbohydrates37 grams
Protein7 grams
Sugar0 gram
Protein8 grams
Niacin4 milligrams
Thiamin 0.2 milligrams
Magnesium60 grams
Zinc2 milligrams

% Daily Value

Vitamin C0%
Vitamin A0%

Health Benefits of Farro

Here are some of the most surprising health benefits farro:

  • Helps in treating headache: there are some studies that suggest farro is beneficial in the prevention of migraines that are induced by hypoglycemia.
  • Rich in nutrients: the high B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, iron, zinc, and antioxidant properties in farro are beneficial for the betterment of the health. In fact, the B vitamins in it are essential in giving the brain health the boost it needs, as well as maintain a high level of energy.
  • Great source of protein: there is an ample amount of protein in farro, thus making it essential in supporting the health of the body.
  • Helps in promoting weight loss: the high fiber content of farro is essential in keeping you feel full for a longer period of time. This will eventually contribute to the weight loss.
  • Helps in fighting cancer: this is probably one of the best health benefits of farro. Studies suggest that farro is beneficial in the prevention of the onset of cancer. Furthermore, the researchers also suggest that the fiber in it may help in preventing weight gain that may otherwise increase the risk of cancer.
  • Helps diabetes treatments: the fiber content of farro are beneficial in the prevention of sugar spikes and regulate the serum sugar levels. Furthermore, it may also help in the prevention of weight gain, which is often connected to diabetes. This is why experts consider farro as a good source of carbs for those whoa re diabetic.
  • Helps in boosting the immunity: farro has various types of carbs, one of which is the cyanogenic glucoside, which is popular to have a positive effect on the immunity of the body.

Some Cautions and Recommendations on Farro

Just like some other types of grains, farro also has several side effects. Even though it affects only a few, it is still a good thing to know what are its cautions. Read on below to know some:

  • Those who have low blood sugar and blood pressure levels must not consume the grain. This is because it may lead to the reduced blood sugar and pressure levels. It is a must that you have the guidance of your medical practitioner before you consume some.
  • Too many grains (portions) may result in This is because of the high fiber content of farro. Thus limiting the consumption of its is important. This is since diarrhea may lead to serious conditions.
  • It is not impossible that the consumption of farro may lead to an allergy to some people. Thus, avoiding the consumption of the grain is important.

Farro is a healthy grain, however, it is very important to take safety precautions before consuming it.


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