The Most Surprising Health Benefits Of Baking Soda

Have you tried using baking soda before? Well, baking soda has a lot of uses. Some of us just think about it as an ingredient for baking or just something that may help in keeping the refrigerator free or odor. I am going to tell you, baking soda is amazingly good for the health. The health benefits of baking soda are so many, and are all for the betterment of the overall health. Give this article a read and get to know and learn more about baking soda. Worry less, you will learn a lot from this –that’s for sure!

Baking Soda: What is this?

Baking soda is one of the most widely used leaverners in various baked products. This particular simple chemical compound is also called sodium bicarbonate. Moreover, baking soda is naturally found in the crystalline form. However, it is ground to fine powder mainly for cooking use.

Moreover, baking soda is a familiar household product that’s also known as sodium bicarbonate. Some people get confusion between the baking soda and the baking powder, but these aren’t similar at all.

In the actual fact, baking soda is an alkaline compound, which when combined with an acid, may produce carbon dioxide gas. Moreover, baking soda is also capable of producing gas upon the decomposition, which is due to heat. There is no need for any acid for this particular reaction to occur. The only necessary is the exposure to a temperature above 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, baking soda is used as a leavener to easy-to-cook bread like fried foods, cakes, muffins, and pancakes. These aforementioned batters aren’t that strong to hold the shape for a period of time that it takes for the yeast to make gas. For the reason that the baking soda produces gas more quickly, it isn’t necessary to let the batter rise for a long period of time compared to the yeast bread.

There is actually a lot of use of baking soda. Aside from it is beneficial for baking and other cooking activities, it is also famous for its own ability to absorb odors. Because of this, baking soda is often placed in freezers, refrigerators, and some other enclosed places to absorb various erroneous odors. Furthermore, because of the granular texture of baking soda, which helps in scrubbing as well as its alkaline pH that may dissolve some build-ups and deposits, baking soda is also beneficial as a cleaner.

Health Benefits of Baking Soda

Here are some of the most staggering health benefits of baking soda:

  • Helps reduce fatigue and muscle pain. Research shows that taking baking soda before exercising helps in prolonging the physical activity in the intermittent or sustained period of high-intensity training.
  • Help alleviate symptoms of UTI. Studies show that taking baking soda orally may help in positively affecting the symptoms of UTI.
  • Helps in boosting kidney health. Research shows that the supplementation of baking soda is beneficial in slowing the rate of progression of the renal failure to ERSD, as well as improves the nutritional status among patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.
  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties. Baking soda is essential in killing off bacteria. Furthermore, it also helps in effectively getting rid of dermatophytes, molds, and yeasts, which cause nail and skin infections.
  • Helps in digestive issues. The baking soda is beneficial in neutralizing acid and improves the pH balance of the body. This is the best among all of the health benefits of baking soda, especially to those who have digestive conditions.

Uses of Baking Soda in the Skin

Here are some possible face and skin health benefits of baking soda:

  • Itchy skin relief. Baking soda helps in reducing the discomfort caused by sunburn, allergic rashes, and even skin affected by poison ivy.
  • Feet smoother. Baking soda may help in removing odor and bacteria. Moreover, it will also help in preventing toenail fungus.
  • Hand softener. To scrub away the odor and dirt, mix baking soda with water and rub it in your hands. This will help in making the hands smoother and softer.
  • Face exfoliator. Baking soda helps in removing dry skin from the face. It can remove the dirt and impurities in your skin.
  • Natural deodorant. Baking soda is beneficial in getting rid of the unpleasant smell in your underarms. Just make a mixture out of it, and rub into your underarms.

Other Uses of Baking Soda

Here are some other uses and health benefits of baking soda:

Uses of baking soda for hair and teeth:

  • Teeth whitener
  • Homemade toothpaste
  • Brush and comb cleaner
  • Hair cleanser

Uses of baking soda for health:

  • Reduces ulcer pain
  • Improve kidney function
  • Exercise enhancer
  • Cancer prevention
  • Indigestion and heartburn relief

Uses of baking soda for home:

  • Car wash
  • Closet freshener
  • Shoe deodorizer
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Drain cleaner
  • Over cleaner
  • Silverware cleaner
  • Gentle baby clothes cleanser
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Pans and pot cleaner
  • Natural kitchen scrub


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