Amazing Benefits of Baking Soda for the Hair, Skin and Body

There are a wide variety of beauty products available in the market today, some of which are pretty unhelpful in certain circumstances. However, there are some kitchen ingredients that are low-cost and efficient, like baking soda. That’s right, baking soda isn’t just an ordinary kitchen ingredient. Its health benefits are quite enticing.


Some may not know that baking soda can be a great help in maintaining healthy hair, skin and body. Actually, baking soda can make you look good all over! The best thing about it is that you probably already have some at home.

Sodium bicarbonate, more commonly known as baking soda, looks like a crystal in its natural form. However, the kind you keep at home comes in a powder form. It’s helpful in killing bacteria and fungi, stopping swelling and clearing out germs. It can also fight some diseases, particularly those related to your skin or oral health.

Baking soda has antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. However, it’s primarily recommended for short-term use, because too much can end up harming you. It is advised to test a small amount on your skin before applying the rest.



Here are some of the health benefits of baking soda for the different parts of your body:

Brightens teeth. For pearly white and shiny teeth, try baking soda. It serves as a slight abrasive, removing yellow color from the teeth. It also helps remove plaque by naturalizing the acids from the bacteria.


Add baking soda to your toothpaste and brush your teeth for two minutes each day. Alternatively, create a tooth whitening serum by combining 4 tbsp. turmeric powder, 3 tbsp. virgin coconut oil and 2 tsp. baking soda. You can use this mixture to brush your teeth.


Gets rid of pimples and acne. If you want a natural way to remove your pimples or acne, baking soda’s a good choice. Baking soda is proven to clean germs and stop swelling without the use of harsh chemicals. Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties help treat the cause of acne to reduce breakouts and prevent new ones from occurring by maintaining the skin’s acid level.


Create a paste using 1 tsp baking soda and a small amount of water. Gently apply it to your face and let it sit for 1-2 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. Repeat this method each day for 2-3 days, after which you only have to do it once or twice a week.


Improves the skin’s complexion. For many, having a not-so-even skin tone is a problem. You don’t need to use chemicals to solve this problem. One of the benefits of baking soda is its ability to even out and brighten your skin tone. This is because baking soda can act as an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and balance the skin’s pH level.


Combine 1-2 tsp. baking soda and water to create a cream. Apply the cream to your face and let it sit for about 2 minutes before gently washing it off. Moisturize your face. Repeat this process once or twice a week.


Relieves sunburn. During the summer months, our skin is exposed to the sun, making it prone to sunburn and sunburn blisters. Keeping baking soda in your bag is perfect for combatting this, since baking soda has alkaline properties that relieve the effects of sunburn, such as burning and itching. It can also help dry sunburn blisters with its mild antiseptic and drying properties.


Put 1-2 tbsp. of baking soda in a cup filled with cold water. Soak a cloth in the solution, then squeeze out the excess water and apply the damp cloth to the affected area for 5-10 minutes. Repeat this procedure until your sunburn is relieved.


Stops body odour. You can use baking soda to stop BO. It helps absorb sweat and moisture from your skin, removing any stink and killing bacteria with its antibacterial properties.


Mix baking soda with aromatic essential oils and apply it to your armpit after your bath.


Better hair health. Baking soda is beneficial in maintaining healthy and clean hair. It helps reduce oiliness in the scalp and helps remove dandruff. Furthermore, its alkaline properties balance the scalp’s PH level, keeping it healthy and clean.


Mix a small amount of baking soda into your shampoo and mix well. Apply it to your hair, massaging thoroughly before rinsing.


This article lists just a few of the many benefits of baking soda. They are all proven to be effective, but it’s important to control your use because excessive use can have detrimental effects.


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