Best Simple Exercises to Lose Arm Fat


Flabby or fatty arms is a condition that may disfigure the look of a certain individual. Even if that certain person has an astonishing figure, the flabby arms will destroy the overall look. Not only men grieve from this condition, men as well. This is why it is important to know some tips in reducing the arm fat. It’s good to know that there are some simple exercises to lose arm fat which is necessary for those who don’t have ample time.

Arm Fat: What causes it?

Arm fat is typically triggered by the buildup of extra fat in the arms. Other fat depositions in some other portions of the body are easy to shed. However, the arm fat is the hardest to burn. Hence, the continuous buildup of fats in the arm area leads to fatty arms.

Another factor that causes arm fats is aging. As we age, our body has a tendency to stock more and more fats. Not just in the arm area but all over your body. Moreover, because of which, lean muscles starts to reduce. Thus, the accumulation of fat becomes beyond the lean muscles –which is one of the main sources of fatty arms.

Reduced metabolism rate is another factor in having fatty arms. The rate of metabolism reduces as we age. This means a number of calories that you can burn is much lesser. This eventually leads to arm fat.

One of the main reason why you might be getting arm fat is the lack of physical activities and regular exercises.

Some simple exercises to lose arm fat

Here are some simple exercises to lose arm fat. All of the following exercises can be done in the comfort of your home, so you don’t need to go to the gym anymore.

1 Lateral Plank Walk –just like the one arm triceps, this also helps in toning the arm muscles by melting the accumulated arm fats.

2 Counter Push up –this is just like the normal push-up you do. However, the only difference is that this exercise needs you to perform it in a table or a platform.

3 Push up –this is essential if you want to target the triceps and pectoral brachii muscles. Furthermore, it helps in the enormously toning of the upper arm by burning the fat in that certain area. The good thing about it is that you don’t need equipment like dumbbells, barbells, etc. Your body weight in this particular exercise plays a major role in melting stubborn fats in the arm area.

4 Aerolean Pushup –this certain exercise helps in toning the back of the arm area –the triceps. Moreover, it helps in effectively losing arm fat.

5 One Arm Triceps –this helps in burning stored fats in the triceps area. This portion of the arm located at the back is prone to easy fat deposition. This simple exercise for arm fat will not just melt the excess fat but also help tone your triceps.

6 Scissors –this example of simple exercises to lose arm fat helps you in losing arm fat and make them firm and look perfectly in tone. As its name implies, this exercise looks like a pair of scissors that are being closed and opened simultaneously.

7 Weight Lift –this is one of the most effective simple exercises to lose arm fat. It makes your arms stronger and firmer since it requires you to lift weights. This certain exercise will make your arm muscles look leaner.

8 Triceps Dips –this simple exercise for arm fat is also good in achieving a super sexy toned arms. You can do this exercise with a chair that’s present as well in your home.

9 Wrist Rotation –this is one of the easiest yet effective exercise that helps in losing arm fat when regularly performed. However, in this certain exercise, you will be needing equipment like 2 half kg weights.

Arm Fat Prevention

It is better to prevent arm fat from occurring than losing it when you have. Here are some tips for preventing the occurrence or buildup of arm fat.

Drink Plenty of Water –consuming plenty of water throughout the day helps in speeding up metabolism process. Furthermore, it is advised that you drink water before every meal so that you consume lesser foods.

Have a Proper Diet –this is one of the most important things to do if you want to prevent arm fat. You should pay attention to your diet and food intake in order to prevent having flabby arms.

Get Enough Exercise Daily –as stated earlier, exercising is the most important thing in losing arm fat. Furthermore, you should also involve yourself in some cardiovascular exercises to burn foods easily.

Don’t skip breakfast –always eat breakfast because this is the first meal of the day and will give you the energy you need. If you skip eating breakfast, then there is a tendency that you will eat more throughout the day.


If you have accumulated fat in your arm area, you are somewhat not contented with how you look. This is actually the normal case, it can also affect one’s self-confidence. However, you can get rid of this filthy arm fats! You just need to follow the necessary things in losing arm fat and have some exercise. These simple exercise to lose arm fat is essential in not just losing your arm fat but also to make your triceps look toner and leaner.


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