What You Must Know About the Corona Virus?

Corona Virus is a kind of virus that mainly causes respiratory tract issues in birds and mammals. The respiratory problems that this corona virus causes include common cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, and in severe cases it can cause Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Corona virus was first detected in Wuhan, China on 31 December in the year 2019. Presently there is a huge outbreak of corona virus all over the world and as such you have to be very careful.

Corona virus not only infects man but can also severely infect mice, rats, dogs, cats, horses, pigs, cattle, turkeys, etc. Scientists have found that this kind of virus usually transmitted in between animals and people. Thus, both animals as well as human being need to very careful since this virus can transmit between the animals and human beings. As per a research it was found that some forms of corona virus spreads from cat and some from camel. Hence this type of virus is also termed as zoonotic.

Symptoms of Corona Virus

Before we move further it is very important to know the symptoms of this dangerous disease. The following are some common symptoms found in the patient suffering from corona virus:

  • Running nose
  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Fever (although happens only in rare cases)
  • Breathlessness

Types of Corona Virus

As per a recent research it was found that there are several types of corona virus that can infect human being and some of the common types of corona virus are:

  • 229E COV (Alpha corona virus)
  • NL63 COV (Alpha corona virus)
  • OC43 COV (Beta corona virus)
  • HKU1 COV (Beta corona virus)
  • MERS COV (Beta corona virus)
  • SARS COV (Beta corona virus)
  • SARS COV 2 (Beta corona virus)
  • Feline COV (Beta corona virus)

The severity of the illness actually depends on the type of the corona virus that the patient is infected with. Apart from that the question about how far this corona virus can spreads also depends on its type. Generally, it is seen that MERS COV and SARS COV causes more severe complications. MERS COV causes severe disease like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) whereas SARS COV causes Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). In the year 2019, a new disease called as COVID 19 is found that are mainly caused by SARS COV 2.

How Corona virus transmits from one individual or animals to another?

Corona Virus usually spread from one individual or animal to another via fluid in the respiratory system for example mucus. The following are some ways with the help of which corona virus use to spread:

  • If the person who is suffering from this virus does not cover his or her mouth at the time of coughing and sneezing then he or she may disperse droplets into the air and thus can spread the virus among other people who come in contact with the droplets.
  • If you shake your hands or touch the person who is suffering from COV then also the virus can spread between the individuals.
  • If you touch an object or the surface where there are the COV virus and touch your nose or eyes or mouth then also the virus can transmit easily.
  • There are some animal corona viruses for example Feline COV which can spread through contact with feces. However, scientists still could not find out whether this kind of virus can transmit to human beings or not.

According to National Institutes of Health (NIH) it is said that some groups of people, for example, young children, elderly people who are older than 69 years of age, pregnant woman, etc. are more vulnerable to get infected with this virus. The most interesting fact is that this kind of virus is found to affect most of the people at some stage of their life.

How to avoid the spread of corona virus?

If you want to prevent the transmission of corona virus then you must stay at home and have rest as far as possible when the symptoms are active. Apart from that, it is very essential to avoid close contact with the people who are suffering from this disease. It is very important to cover the mouth and nose either with the help of a tissue paper or with a handkerchief at the time of coughing or sneezing. Having this habit can help you to prevent the transmission of this disease to a great extent. Not only that, it is also very essential to dispose the tissue after using it in a safe place. Moreover, you need to maintain hygiene in and around your home.

Treatment for the disease Corona Virus

Till now scientist could not found any cure for the disease corona virus and so as its treatment you have to include self-care as well as Over the Counter (OTC) medication. As for treatment you can implement various steps such as:

  • You need to take rest as far as possible and avoid overexertion
  • You have to drink a lot of water
  • You must avoid smoking and going to the smoky areas
  • You have to take acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen for relieving from pain or fever
  • You need to use a clean humidifier or a cool mist vaporizer

All these steps are very effective that helps you to over the problems associated with the corona virus. As far as diagnosis is concerned doctor use to take a sample of respiratory fluids, for example, mucus from the nose or they can also go for a blood test. Once corona virus is detected you must follow the above-mentioned step to get relieve from the disease as soon as possible.


Corona Virus has been taking the form of epidemic in the recent times in many countries and as such you are certainly vulnerable to it. But taking some preventive measures as mentioned above will certainly help you to avoid it very easily. You must be a little conscious and just need a little effort to prevent this dangerous disease to spread.


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