10 Best Uses of Epsom Salt for Health, Beauty and Home

10 Best Uses & Benefits of Epsom salt

Epsom salt is loved by many. Some can’t even keep their hands off of it. Magnesium can be found in it, but it also has dozens of household, health and beauty uses. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Epsom Salt?

10 Best Uses & Benefits of Epsom saltEpsom salt is different from Himalayan salt or regular salt. It is actually magnesium-based, while table salt is sodium-based. In fact, it is chemically identified as magnesium sulfate.

Studies show that many people lack magnesium, probably because magnesium levels in the environment and our foods are declining in general. One easy way of getting our boost is from these Epsom salts, whether we use them as part of a beauty regime or in or home. However, it’s important to know that epsom salts are a potent emetic.

However, it is important that you know that this product is a potent emetic. You should not consume it orally, and always speak to your doctor about how best to incorporate it into your life.

Uses of Epsom Salt

To help you learn more about this magnesium-rich salt, here are some of its most favorable uses:

Splinter Removal – This is not a new trick. If you have kids who enjoy playing barefoot, at some point you’ll have to deal with splinters. They can be hard to remove and cause lots of problems. Here’s where epsom salt comes into play.

What do I do? Mix one-third cup epsom salt into 1 cup hot water. Soak the splintered body parts with it for about 10 minutes. After which, remove the splinter with sewing needles or tweezers.

Relaxing Bath Soak – Epsom salt has been utilized for relaxing baths since it was discovered in England. The magnesium is believed to enhance the relaxation factor. You can also use it to help get your kids to sleep by adding it to their baths.

What do I do? To have a relaxing bath, you need 1 cup of Epsom salt poured and mixed into warm water. Soak yourself for about 20 minutes. If you want, you can even add essential oils for scent and increased relaxation.

Compacting Facial Wash – You can also use epsom salt to exfoliate and firm your skin.

What do I do? – Grind up epsom salt and mix it with your facial wash before applying it to your skin.

Magnesium Foot Scrub – One of the most overworked parts of our body is our feet. Because we walk around so much, it’s easy to get sore feet or legs, but epsom salt can help relieve and soothe these pains.

What do I do? Mix 1 cup of Epsom salt with some essential oil and a bit of castile soap, then soak your feet in it. This also helps with cracked heels.

Body Ache Relief – Epsom salt can be used for sore muscles or body aches and is generally more effective than any creams out there.

What do I do? Mix 2 or more cups of epsom salt into your warm bath and soak for about twenty minutes.

Grow Vegetables – You can also use epsom salt to improve your vegetable garden.

What do I do? Add 1 tbsp. of epsom salt to the plant’s base after it has reached at least 12 inches tall.

Magnesium Lotion – Epsom salt can be used as a lotion, too. It has a soothing effect and can be a good staple in one’s house.

What do I do? ­– Mix the epsom salt into the lotion ingredients thoroughly. You can store this lotion for about one to two months.

DIY Salt Scrub – Since it is magnesium-rich, this salt is a suitable alternative for regular table salt in some recipes. It will give that extra magnesium boost to your salt-scrub recipe.

What do I do? Mix ½ cup epsom salt and ¼ cup olive oil, and use it to exfoliate.

Tile and Grout Cleaner – If you want to clean your tile without using toxic chemicals, you can use epsom salt.  It is much safer and less toxic.

What do I do? Mix equal parts Epsom salt and liquid soap, then apply to the grout and tile using a brush.

Sunburn Reliever – We all know that sunburns are very harmful and should be avoided. You can use Epsom salt to relieve the effects of sunburn on your skin.

What do I do? Mix 2 tbsp. of epsom salt into cold water. Spray onto the affected skin to ease the pain.

Epsom salt is truly a miracle salt that is essential in many ways. You can use it to relieve pain, beautify yourself and more. What are you waiting for? Get some of this magnesium-rich salt to get healthy and glowing again.



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