12 Ways To Maximize Your Workout To Lose Weight

We all know how difficult it is to carve out some time from our hectic schedule to hit the gym, but for trimming some unwanted fat, it’s a small compromise to make. However, if you don’t have a organised workout plan, it won’t matter how much time you’re spending sweating off every day. Don’t let all your hard work go down the drain and make sure you are burning your calories the right way by following these simple but useful tips. Break a leg!

1. Warm Up

Don’t get into an intense workout procedure as soon as you lace up. You may or may not be a big fan of surprises but don’t try to shock your body with sudden muscle movements. The odds are you’ll end up injuring yourself. So, just take a deep breath and stretch your limbs slowly to ensure optimum blood flow through your body. It’ll be also regular your heartbeats and boost your muscle performance during your workouts.

2. Plan What You Will Be Doing

Here’s another common scenario; see if you can relate to this one: You get all worked up, rush to the gym but then find yourself dumbfounded, not sure how to start. A definite workout plan would save you the precious time you often waste wandering clueless around the gym. Set reasonable fitness goals before you start your training sessions and chalk out exactly how much time you can afford to spend exercising. Choose your best pre workout without creatine based on your targets and voila! The magic of persistence will take off the rest.

3. Don’t Interrupt the Flow

No matter how much time you allot to your workout schedule, you must remain completely committed throughout. Avoid taking frequent breaks amid your workout sessions as it’ll cause your heart rate drop to normal. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Well, as long as your heart rates are elevated you’ll burn more calories. Keep your heart beat like a drum and burn your calories fast.

4. Don’t Get Overexcited, Though!

Yes, you should push your body as much as possible while you are exercising but that doesn’t mean you should go on for hours. Unless you’re training for a professional competition, you don’t need to exhaust yourself in the gym for extensive periods. Working out for more than 75 minutes are being discouraged by most fitness professionals. You must be aware of the fact that more is necessarily not better when it comes to physical exercises. Excessive workout might lead to muscle injuries, exhaustion and insomnia-I’m sure you wouldn’t want any of that!

5. Tune It Up and Down

Don’t expect yourself to get going at the same pace for the entire time you exercise. It’s absolutely normal, and actually, it helps increase your metabolism to a greater extent. Fluctuating between regular aerobic exercises and intense cardio activities allows your body to adapt to different conditions, which burns a substantial amount of calories in the process. Rowing exercise is the best aerobic exercises I have ever done but you have to choose the best rowing machine from the market that match your requirement.

6. Don’t Turn Your Back on Weights

Not a fan of lifting weights? Here’s an interesting trivia that might change your mind: a recent study revealed that people who lifted heavy weights for 8 reps have burned double the calories than those lifting lighter weights for 15 reps. Weight lifting won’t directly cause calorie burn, but it helps to form muscles. The more muscles you have, the more calories you’ll burn.

7. Alternate between Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Lifting weights in an air conditioned gym or running miles outside in a park you can sweat buckets in both scenarios but needless to say, they are two completely different things. A switch in the environment makes the body adjust to the new condition, which, as we already discussed, results in increased calorie burn. So, you should get out every once in a while.

8. Eat Up Before You Start

Don’t just get off the bed and start exercising while rubbing your eyes! You need to eat before you start working out. Otherwise, your blood sugar levels might fall, and you could end up hitting your face against the floor before you even know it. You won’t be doing yourself any favor working out in a lightheaded, lethargic body. You run the risk of putting your body in jeopardy unless you take a bite of something light and nutritious before you get started.

9. Eat Your Proteins

Make sure you have sufficient amount of protein in your workout menu. Duh! I’m trying to lose weight mate, remember? Nope! You are not! What you are trying to do is lose fat. Fat takes up more space in the body than muscle tissues, so they are the main culprit that you don’t fit into your last year jeans! Protein deficiency can dwindle away your muscles and in turn, reduce your calorie burn rate. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

10. Keep Hydrated

Thanks to all the heavy breathing and sweating, you’ll find yourself exhausted soon while exercising. Having a few sips of water during your workouts works wonders to keep up the intensity of what you are doing. Water provides the body with excessive oxygen that is required in burning calories. So, keep your water bottle around.

11. Dare to Experiment

Don’t get comfortable with a particular set of workouts. No, I’m not saying this because you will grow bored of them and then quit, eventually. On the contrary, you might quite enjoy them and master some unique moves. But you need to remember the core reason for doing all this calorie burn. When your body gets too familiar with a situation, it causes lesser calorie burn, which might hamper your fitness goals. You can try out some new exercises sometime or try some new moves with the equipment you are already familiar with.

12. Share Your Progress

We live in a time dominated by social media. It’s much easier nowadays to reach a lot of people and ask for their opinions regarding anything. Why don’t you post your daily workout routine online and get some motivations from your friends to get going? Sounds crazy, right? But a lot of people are doing it and studies suggest it’s an efficient way of fulfilling one’s fitness ambitions.



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