A Pregnancy Pillow That Gives Superior Comfort

Pregnancy brings with itself both happiness and distress. Although most women gladly accept the difficulty, we all very well understand that they need proper rest and sleep. And for the purpose of their sleep and rest, pregnancy pillows have been designed.

Now, there are many pregnancy pillows available in the market today – which one to choose? Why don’t you try The Schmooze Pregnancy Pillow With Innovative Back Support and Total Body Comfort? You say you don’t know anything about it? Well, that’s why we are providing this review to help you further.

Unique Design

Of all the pregnancy pillows available today, The Schmooze body comfort pillow is indeed very unique. It has been designed keeping in mind a certain number of the things – back support, belly support and lying on the side.

It has two parts joined by a connector – the smaller pillow supports the back, and the bigger part supports the womb and legs. The back support is said to relieve back pain. These two parts of the pillow help to keep the user on his/her side. The connector is made of soft quilted fabric.

Two Sets Of Cover

Normally, the whole Schmooze pillow is put into a single cover. This keeps the two parts together. But some might prefer to have the two parts unattached. So for them, the pillow now comes with extra two separate covers for the two pillows.

All these covers are made of polyester – a very homely material. The covers are all zippered. So they can be removed and washed using a washing machine. With this, you have the liberty. Either sleep the conventional way using the “Head” pillow at the top and the longer one towards the knees. Or, simply attach them together and increase the comfort level.

Keep Using Your Neck Pillow

The Schmooze innovative pregnancy pillow is designed for the body. It has no head resting part. This actually gives you the liberty to keep using your old comfy neck pillow, which is always very special to us. So you won’t have to put up with the hassle of getting adapted with a new head rest.

Both Men and Women can Use it

The common myth about Pregnancy Pillows is that only women can use the pillows. Schmooze debunks that myth successfully. The cushion is made up in such a way that you can break it into two separate pillows. That gives the males the liberty to use the pillow while sleeping too.

Plus, it has therapeutic benefits. People can use the pillow to reduce back pain and shoulder spasms. This further enhances the comfort of your male counterparts. You can even use the conventional “Neck Pillow” with it for added comfort.


Schmooze Body Comfort Pillow is a superior choice because of the following reasons:

  • Back support pillow attachment helps to support and ease the spinal cord
  • Helps to reduce back pain; both men and women can use it
  • The back support pillow and the leg support pillow are attached together using a soft quilted connector
  • The soft quilted connector helps to keep the belly supporting area of the pillow in proper position
  • The pillow is uniquely designed to keep the users on their sides all through the night
  • You can use your all-time neck pillow along with the Schmooze body pillow
  • Polyester cover, which is removable and machine washable
  • It now comes with two separate polyester covers for those who want to detach the pillow and then use it
  • It is moderately weighted; weighs only 4.2 pounds


This Schmooze pillow has one demerit, which ironically is also its merit. The pillow is designed to keep the user on his/her side. So, if you feel like changing your side, it would be a bit troublesome to do that.

Frequently Asked Questions and the Answers

Does this pillow go Flat as time passes?

The manufacturers have tested this pillow with rigorous using. For 5 years, this pillow didn’t go flat even after numerous testing. So, it is safe to tell my readers that this pillow can withstand multiple pregnancy periods.

What is the warranty for the pillow?

The manufacturers have placed a “5-Year Warranty” for the pillow.

In The End

I will have to stop here, and let you do rest of the thinking. Surely you have gone through this Schmooze Pregnancy Pillow With Innovative Back Support and Total Body Comfort Review. So, though in the beginning, you didn’t know anything about this pillow, now you have a fair idea about the whole thing.

For me, there is no harm in trying this one out. Especially with the 5-year long warranty, it covers all the hustles and pitfalls one can imagine in her pregnancy period.

I’ll let you make one most important consideration. Do you think this pillow can fulfil all your needs? If you really think that the Schmooze pregnancy pillow can prove to be the best thing for you, you better get one today.

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