3 Steps to Dress Up for Your Dream Job Interview

When we were young, we get used to being asked what do you want to be when you grow up. That question eventually vanishes when you get older. You get studies, work, family, and a lot more responsibilities with adulthood. The race to a better job never stops, and the competition, of course, is never-ending. That bigger job always excites, attracts, and you tend to thrive for it more and more.

Whether you’re looking for your dream position in the current organisation or in a whole other location that you want to step in for a long time, there comes the monster. THE INTERVIEW. You prepare yourselves so well to give your best but can’t leave anything as an exception. As much as we try to refuse, the first thing most of the interviewers observe is how you carry yourself. Even though it’s a casual interview or a scheduled formal interview, and the first impression goes on what you’re wearing. Especially in women’s clothing, when there are plenty of choices to make it complicated. Well, let us make this easy for you with our corporate fashion sense. Here are the steps:


First things first, the place you appear in the interview. Associate level experienced people get the leverage of attending in semi-formals. While the freshers who don’t have any experience in the industry mostly judged by their personal presentation. Advanced and expert level positions who’ll be the showcase of the whole organisation to see how well they can carry themselves might require you to have a formal outfit. Your choice of interview outfits in an excellent opportunity to show your potential and how perfect you’re for that position. Well, why not? The first impression is the best. And what else gives the better feeling than your outfit?

Being said, the position you apply for is the crucial part of the interview dressing etiquette. If you’re using in finance, get a tailored pantsuit with pumps. If you’re applying for a dominant operations position, get dressed in the pencil skirt or a bodycon dress with solid peep-toes or stilettos. If you’re not sure about how much you can play with different outfits, go for the simple, sophisticated look and avoid overdressing.


I’m sure you can carry other than a well-tailored, most straightforward BLACK suit. You must already know what colors suit you better and what not by your casual outfit. There are plenty of options other than black and blue that you can rock. If you know, you look great in any different color, wear it.

If you’re not sure about what your colors are, try on different colors, blocks, or get a friend’s or personal stylist opinion. A pretty satin blouse underneath a suit jacket can add the edge.

Fit and Clean:

It is essential that what color suits you and what type of outfit your interview would require, but keeping it clean, washed, pressed is too is very crucial. Crumbled clothing can define their inappropriate behavior. An unbuttoned collar and cufflinks can show the candidate’s ignorance, which I’m sure is not the expression you’re looking from your interviewer. Make sure your clothing is neat and clean and ironed perfectly.

Another thing to take care of is Fitting. Loose and flowy clothes are not at all for the corporate who looks for a correct option. Try on the outfit days before and get it altered according to the fitting.


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