6 Outfits For The Next Wedding

Who’s getting married from your clan next? That one friend who’s Wedding makes you more excited than yous or your sweet sister from whom you steal the clothes always or that close colleague who’s stepping into a significant change for life? Weddings don’t just mean Yummy food, music, celebration, and they’re the perfect occasion to flaunt your style. Not only traditional but trendy and modern too. Sure, Anarkali, sari, and lehengas are evergreens and a synonym to wedding fashion. Keeping them as a base and adding bling to the boring outfits, designers are taking the style to a top-notch to make your next Wedding look better. DEEBACO maintains that bridge between traditional and trend and curates the best outfits for the wedding season. Let’s see some ideas:

Anarkali With Dhoti Pants:

Anarkali is a default option for any wedding. It gives you comfort and grace at a time. If you’re slim and tall, there’s nothing that can beat out in an Anarkali. But doesn’t it sounds a little dull? Add a stylish twist to your Anarkali with dhoti pants. Make sure the Anarkali is of your knee-length so that your dhoti pants can be visible and add up the edge.

Anarkali with Sharara:

Another outfit idea that you can play with is pairing it up with Sharara bottoms. It gives you a dramatic look and very breezy in the wedding crowd. Sounds comfortable, right? It might put up a question that Anarkali is already a flare, so do Shararas. Does it look good? When you get the styling right.

Lehanga with Floor Printed Jacket:

Lehangas are the ultimate suitable options for weddings, but they don’t have to be heavy and make you sick to carry it. Get a light printed Lehanga and pair it up with a Matching, floor-length, printed jacket with a dark, solid blouse. It looks is glam and super comfy for summer weddings.

Lehanga with Cape Sleeves:

You want to be a fashion icon for the whole Wedding? Well, then you need to be bold enough to try edgy things. Mix and match your lehenga with a zippered or cold shoulder blouse with cape-sleeves, and thank us later.

Fringe Sari:

We should be proud to have such outfits to add any updated fashion to them. One of such kind is fringes in the clothing. Get a sari with a detailed fringe sari to get a western vibe to the traditional garment.

Sari with Sheer Cape:

Most of the youngsters find it difficult to carry a heavy sari. Especially at the never-ending Wedding. Keep up your good faith. Get a simple sari. But how do you look great in a simple sari? Hold up, just put on a sheer, embellished cape over and make it wedding-ready. 

Here are some ideas that simplify your effort to the wedding look and help you make things exciting and fun. So, get more creative this year. Plus, your traditional outfits with a modern touch and stand out from the regular crowd. Who knows? All the guys at the Wedding might have their looks on you. Happy Wedding Season!

Author Bio: Manvitha is an aspiring writer who discovered her passion after struggling in many other fields. She writes what her mind speaks.


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