5 Habits That Can Make You Healthy

health habits

Nowadays there are so many routines, diets and plans to be healthy one may not know where to look for, what to do. The chances are you end up reading tons of articles and feeling a little bit lost because of the huge amounts of information there is available. But, there are some basics, some core tips that must be followed if you want to have a healthier life in any sense. These basic elements can improve the quality of your lifestyle in a split second. You just need to try it:

1. Sleep the right amount of hours

Sleeping is extremely important for your health. During sleep, our body recovers from the use and damage the previous day may have caused to our cells. There are different stages during sleep, and the brain must go through each of them to fully recover, this is the reason why most professionals recommend sleeping 8 hours.

But it is not only a matter of hours of sleep; it is also about the quality of those sleeping hours. Noises must be reduced to a minimum and light has to be soft if there’s going to be any. Sleeping with your T.V on can also reduce the quality of your sleep, so try not to fall asleep while watching a movie or something.

2. Quit smoking immediately

Smoking is one of the unhealthiest habits a person can have. It is directly related to many types of cancer, mainly lung cancer due to the toxic residues of tar that are left inside the lungs. It also damages the skin and hair or the smoker and the passive smokers.

Some people have used electronic cigarettes to quit smoking, in these cases, the user has a vaporiser that turns tobacco e-juice into vapor, and the “vaper” has the same experience without the toxic and negative effects of smoke.

3. Exercise three times a week

Many doctors emphasise the importance of regular exercise. Three times a week seems to be the best frequency. There is plenty of time for the body to recover from the previous exercise and not too much time in between series, so the body doesn’t lose tone.

It is not necessary to have extreme routines to achieve health goals, mild exercise such as walking or swimming can have wonderful results in a couple of weeks. You will feel more comfortable with your body and more energised.

Basic routines to start your day can be found on the internet very easily. They can be adapted to your lifestyle and body weight. The very helpful thing is that most of them are free and easy to download.

4. Eat your veggies, an apple a day keeps the doctor away

You are what you eat. How accurate is this can be easily tested by spending a week eating just burgers, you may feel the same, but your energy levels, your sleeping patterns, your endurance are not going to be the same. Eating an unhealthy dish every day does not give your body all the vitamins it needs to stay strong and energised.

Fruits and vegetables have plenty of nutrients that are necessary for the body to stay fit and healthy for the new day. Fruits can be consumed as juice, salad or a snack in the middle of a busy day. Vegetables are also available for multiple types of dishes, sweet or salty. The idea is to vary and give the body what it needs.

5. Be positive, positive mind equals positive body

A positive mind has a strong influence in a healthy body. All our worries and problems affect somehow the performance of our body and the way it functions. Try to look at the bright side of things so that your mind is at peace and relaxed most of the time. When an individual is full of worries and stresses, his or her body starts to react negatively to the context.


Many things can be done to achieve a healthier body and a healthier mind. It is just a matter of taking a few seconds to select what is best for us. Try to relax a bit from time to time, your body and mind will appreciate it.


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