How to Lose Belly Fat


How to lose belly fat without a liposuction and without starving to death? I’ll explain everything and nothing but the truth to you about belly fat removal right here!

‘How to burn belly fat’ is one of the most asked questions when it comes to weight loss and one interesting topic people want to know about concerning a weight loss program. This will give me the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about weight loss in general and how to make your belly fat loss career not only unforgettable but sustainable.

The secret about belly fat removal

I created this page how to lose belly fat because I want to tell you a secret about losing the stomach fat and answer our interesting question in detail here. Please see it as kind of an introductory discussion on our theme with necessary and relevant information and facts to get it all started on the right food.

It’s my primary interest to please all your needs. The sister pages go a lot deeper into detail and explain everything you need to know about belly fat loss extensively. So let’s account for the myth right at the beginning without any rambling around and get right to the point now.

So attention and drum rolls, please, The secret is that there is no exercise, no food, no drink, no diet, no pill, no training- or workout machine, no personal trainer or weight loss coach, no weight loss program or weight loss plan howsoever and definitely no herb or other substance and nothing else that can or could help YOU to just focus on belly fat loss! (at least not yet).

Of course, with one exception to be faithful here, namely a focal belly fat liposuction. Is that what you want? If not, stay right here and get to know much cheaper ways to get rid of your unwanted belly. And they are a lot healthier too!

Also, it is essential to know that the most important matter for belly fat removal is a proper diet behavior and attitude. This is way more momentous than anything else you do for losing stomach fat!

There is not a single weight loss plan for sheer belly fat loss

Whoa! I hope this revelation did not hit you too badly. For your knowledge though, what I just told you is very precious information considering how to lose belly fat and weight loss in general. People who don’t know those facts – and most people don’t, believe me – simply can’t train and absolve their belly fat loss career effectively enough, not with the best belly fat removal plan. They only don’t know what they are doing.

So the important thing for you now is to use those facts in a suspenseful and meaningful way for your weight loss and belly fat loss career. And on how to lose belly fat and it’s related sister pages it’s going to be my part to help you to do that just right! So please relax now and move on here with the secrets of belly fat removal.

Let me put it this way to round it up here: If the question would’ve been “Is it possible to just focus on belly fat loss?” then the answer would be a clear and straightforward: “No!”. So I will tell you now what’s the deal about it and why it is how it is. I will tell you now how to burn belly fat.

How to lose belly fat now!

In detail –

How To Lose Men Belly Fat

You have fat all over your body. This fat is stored in fat cells. Without your fat cells, you would and could not exist. Now, that’s a fact. There are also different fat cells which have all kinds of various responsibilities and functions. We have brown and white/yellow fat cells and even fat cells which interact with our brain cells.


The fat cells around your belly have a critical job. They are the responsibility of letting individual cells of your brain know when you are full while you are eating so that you will not overeat. This is also one reason why it is important to eat slowly because otherwise, this feedback mechanism can not work effectively! Also they “tell” these brain cells not to take in too much energy, so calories.

Your body simply knows what’s best for you! You just have to let him do his job and support him. That is where it often starts with when it comes to weight loss and how to lose belly fat. Even with any best weight loss program or belly fat removal plan, it’s not possible to lose weight and get in the shape you want.

How To Lose Woman Belly Fat

You have to listen to your body and try to understand him (in a healthy way). You both belong together for the rest of your life – you are bound together – so you should make the best out of your joint partnership. It’s like I always say: Treat your body right, and your body will heal your right!


Anyway, let’s get back to our actual topic here. This is a pretty smart feedback circulation system which protects your body from overeating and storing unneeded body fat. The thing is though that this feedback system only works if you eat slow. Your fat cells need some time to send out these signals. One of those critical feedback hormones is called leptin.

Belly fat loss is a matter

So these very smart belly fat cells are in deed significant for your body. You probably can imagine that he doesn’t want to get rid of them. This is one major reason why your body doesn’t want to lose its belly fat (quickly) and why belly fat loss and losing the stomach fat is so terrible!

I want you also to know that you can and will, of course, lose your belly fat by How To Lose Belly Fat PROTEIN FOOD undergoing an individual diet change – depending on your previous and present food and meal plan – as well as a high energy consuming work out and exercise schedule. Don’t worry though! A lot of people did this before, and a lot of people are doing it right now. And most importantly: I did it too! And not just once!

So when you start with a weight loss plan, whether it’s just for one week or you plan on performing it for several months, it’s important to know that your body does not start losing the stomach fat right away. No, he will burn fat from all over your body. And on how to lose belly fat I will show you how.

Belly fat removal requires an individual weight loss plan and technique

That means fat from the fat cells on your legs, your back, your chest and arms, your body and of course he is also losing the stomach fat. Your body frees the fat cells of your belly region from excess fat. The emphasis here is really on ‘also.’ I know, losing belly fat is a little complicated but pretty good manageable for you from now on.

That is a very “to be happy about” fact if you think about it. I mean, do you know anybody who just wants to lose belly fat? Ask yourself this question: “Do I just want to lose belly fat?”. How To Lose Belly Fat EXERCISING I bet you do not! I bet you want to lose fat at a lot of different places on your body, right? See, your body thinks absolutely the same. Isn’t that awesome!

So you see – and I hope it makes sense for you already – your body will not just take the stored fat from your belly fat cells to burn energy. He will take fat from every fat cell of your body more or less randomly. Of course, there are individual preferences determined in everyone’s genes from which body part the fat goes first. But still, every human body follows an individual “big loss scheme” which is determined in our gene pools.

Belly fat loss happens automatically if you stay on the ball

The upper legs, your back, upper arms, and chest are usually the preferred spots for your body to burn fat first no matter what weight loss plan you have. Your stomach area usually follows a little later considering from where your body takes the stored fatty acids first. But still, there are individual differences for belly fat loss. Some are blessed and lose their stomach fat right away during a weight loss process.


For belly fat loss your body burns fat from all over your body. There is no way to just focus on losing stomach fat, not even by just performing hot abs stomach exercises on a best weight loss program! Even if you do just stomach exercises, e.g., crunches, your body will not in particularly burn belly fat. This is because your body interprets the activities as muscle building stimulation and not in the first place as a fat loss procedure/stimulation.

Your body decides where to burn fat, how to lose belly fat and from which area to take the stored fatty acids out of the fat cells. You can not influence this process! That means you have to enter a weight loss program and keep on a special diet – which does not at all mean to have only veggies or fish nor that you will not like it – as also follow an individual exercise and workout schedule.

If it is your goal to lose belly fat to a great extent, then you need to know that it takes some time! During this time YOU will need a special diet and work out as much as you can > at least three times a week for an hour! Six times a week for an hour and a half is even a lot better. Figures, huh? This will be your weight loss plan for belly fat loss! It also depends on your goal, on “how fast” you want to achieve “what”!

After you understood that a flat belly needs an all around best weight loss program and is a complex process with a whole new lifestyle change and that there is not a single weight loss program to just lose belly fat, then you are a big step ahead of a lot of people and a lot closer to your successful fat loss and belly fat loss career.

So, take it all easy now and follow The Rules to your belly fat loss success right here on how to lose belly fat. In the end, it boils down to the same thing again: Start a weight loss program! Start to change YOUR life! Go to losing stomach fat now to begin your weight loss and belly fat loss journey.

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