5 Reasons to Attend the Yoga Shred Teacher Training

If you want to learn some new skills and improve your yoga classes, we have a great suggestion for you. Yoga Shred is an intensive at-home teacher training program, that will teach you how to combine traditional yoga poses with high-intensity interval training exercises. If you are not convinced that this combination is right for you, keep on reading to discover how both you and your students can benefit from the Yoga Shred program.

1. Get your students fit and strong in less time

Yoga is about being patient with oneself, and in the long run, it can produce amazing results, from endurance based strength to power, balance, and muscle and joint flexibility. It is also detoxifying and it is an excellent whole-body workout, as well as a great exercise for the mind and the spirit. HIIT, on the other hand, is a more intense, goal-oriented workout which can deliver amazing results in terms of weight-loss and improved strength. Many people need to see faster results in order to stay motivated in their body transformation journeys, and a combination between yoga and HIIT is a great way to help your students get fit and strong way faster than with just traditional yoga poses. HIIT workouts also deliver specific benefits that can’t be obtained through yoga alone, such as fast-twitch muscle activation, improved heart rate, improved metabolism and much more.

2. Diversify your classes with unique sequences

By attending the Yoga Shred teacher training program, you will gain access to 47×4 unique HIIT sequences developed by Sadie Nardini. Unlike classic HIIT workouts which put a lot of pressure on the joins, the 47 sequences developed by Sadie are fun and have a low joint impact, so you can easily integrate them to your classes, without putting any of your students at risk.

3. Master modifications and joint safety techniques

Even traditional yoga poses can put a lot of pressure on some of your students, particularly on those with weak joints. HIIT is even more intense, but with the Shred training program, you will gain access to amazing tutorials that will boost your knowledge of body alignment and joint safety. The program includes pose modifications and joint exercises that will help you guide any student through the Shred workouts, regardless of their physical shape. As a teacher, it is important to understand the individual challenges of each student and to guide them all in their individual body transformation journeys.

4. Make your classes more popular

If you are looking for unique ways to attract more students, the Shred sessions are just what you need. Yoga Shred is very popular at the moment, and earning a Shred certification can make your classes more appealing to people who might not be interested in conventional yoga classes. After completing the online course, you will receive a certificate of completion which allows you to call yourself a Yoga Shred trainer and use the program’s trademark in your classes and bio.

5. All the information you need for a complete class

The Yoga Shred training program won’t just teach you some fancy sequences, and leave you wondering how on earth you are going to integrate them into your classes. The program contains 5-10-minute warm up and cool down flow sessions, as well as complete 20-minute flow classes that teach you how to make the transition from the warm-ups to the intense flows and the cooldown sessions. You can use the flows just as they are presented in the training program, or you can personalize them according to your teaching style, or the needs of your students. Not only will you have access to numerous videos and tutorials, but you will also benefit from a comprehensive training manual that walks you through all the details of the Shred program, from how to teach it, to how to promote it, how to integrate it into your classes, how to modify it and much more.


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