5 Superfoods for Strong Healthy Teeth

Your dental health is of crucial significance as a million dollar smile not only spreads joy but is also responsible for boosting your confidence level. A strong and healthy oral health is most coveted today for this reason.

While following good oral hygiene like brushing and flossing is essential for maintaining a good oral health, the kind of food that they consume also play a key role in deciding whether you have great oral health or not.

For the health of your teeth, it is not enough to just do away with the harmful food from your diet, but it is also about including some of the superfoods to your diet. The most beneficial foods are those that provide vitamins and minerals for repairing the tooth enamel, conduct acid neutralization and trigger saliva stimulation.

Here are some of the best superfoods that will improve and take care of your oral health. Just read on.

1. Raw Milk

To be strong and healthy, teeth require calcium. But there are also a lot of issues associated with dairy products these days that can cause more harm than good. For this reason, raw dairy that has not been homogenised or pasteurized is considered to be one of the most coveted superfoods, today. In fact, cream, cheese, yogurt, butter etc. consist of the vitamin D, calcium, vitamin K2 and other important nutrients. The best part is that the body can assimilate it without difficulty as these are not pasteurized. If you cannot go for the genuine products, it is advisable to stick to the healthier alternatives like almond milk or butter oil supplement consisting of the high amount of vitamins.

2. Crunchy Veggies

You can ensure that you are taking care of your oral health if you include fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, cauliflowers and cabbages. The crunchy veggies call for a lot of rigorous chewing that leads to the breakdown of the materials into small particles inducing tooth-scrubbing. The plaque build-up and the debris are removed with the help of these particles. Apart from that, celery is also thought to be quite advantageous for dental health as it is called the natural floss because of the high water content and the fibrous strands, both of which contribute to the improvement of the teeth health.

3. Bone Broth

Broth is nothing but something made of leftover bones and meat. You can use fish, pork, beef or lamb for making broth. The home-made broth is especially quite beneficial as it is loaded with gelatin, minerals as well as collagen which are all necessary for strong, bones, teeth, nails and hair. So it can be said that it superpowers the strong and nurtures the weak. You can use this in savoury stews and quick soups, drink it, pour it as gravy over the meals and you can also use it for cooking beans and grains instead of water. Apart from cooking it yourself, you can also purchase it directly from the shop.

4. Whole Grains 

These are made of the grains that are unrefined and hence still preserve the nutritious components like fiber. Added to that, tooth enamel is also strengthened by magnesium which is the main ingredient of whole grain. On the other hand, refined carbohydrates are those grains which are broken down into simple sugars. These, as a result, lose the nutritious value and give rise to more cavities.

5. Water

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Water constitutes about 99.5 percent of saliva. Dehydration can wreak havoc on the mouth as it thickens the saliva. The reason is that optimum water level is required for neutralising bacteria and thus, preventing tooth decay and bad breath by properly breaking down the food. Saliva is one of the best solutions that wards off bad breath. This is because the bacterial acid in the mouth is neutralised by saliva. Since your saliva is so crucial for your overall health including your oral health you drink water as much as half of your body weight. While water is not as good as flossing or brushing, it helps to keep plaque in check by rinsing away the food debris. Added to that, staining is also reduced by water to a great extent. That is why after drinking coffee or tea you should rinse with water which will help you to reduce the staining of your teeth.

The above are some of the superfoods that if you include in your diet regularly can bring in a significant positive difference to your oral health. These will help you to maintain a cleaner and healthier mouth from every aspect. But if your teeth are already stained then you should go for cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening therapy that you can get at the best laser teeth whitening cost in a reputed oral health clinic to restore your pearly whites.  After that, you can imbibe the above superfoods in your diet so that you can retain your newly acquired smile and flaunt it whenever you want with confidence.


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