5 Things To Do When Your Eyes Are Burning

Our eyes are our most important organ and we totally depend upon them for our functionality. Burning of eyes and strains in the are a couple of common problems that we might experience quite often. Although these may be a natural phenomenon of the eyes when they get irritated by some external element or tiredness, if not attended to in time, could lead to serious complications of the eyes.

Tired eyes can have an effect on our whole body. We could have trouble thinking, concentrating and our mind feels all blocked up. The tiredness of the eyes is a very common problem which comes together with a lack of sleep. When our eyes don’t get enough rest they become sore, the skin becomes swollen and puffy, and we might even get bloodshot eyes.

As per health experts, eye specialist and even some of the best dietitian in Delhi, the burning of eyes usually indicates some minor irritant that usually goes away as soon as our tears wash our eye out. But, at times this burning sensation could be more than normal and could mean something severe like chronic dryness of the eyes or some sort of chemical burn or may be sunburn. In such cases, we will need to take medical assistance and a few below mentioned quick remedies to get the ease of the burning eyes.

But, before you take resort of these remedies for your burning eyes, you need to know what are the probable causes that make your eyes to burn:

  • Irritants, toxins and allergens: There are many who have allergies to pollen, dust and things like pets. They when get exposed to these, experience burning sensations in their eyes. Other ae chemical burns which generally are present in soaps, sunscreens and other cosmetics. When these get in the eyes causes irritation and burning. The last is the industrial toxins found in paints, gasses, gasoline and things like it. These are dangerous than the other two types and may even be toxic.
  • Dryness of the eyes: Dryness of the eyes is a condition when the eyes do not produce enough tears in the eyes or have a poor quality of tears. This condition could be because of many related conditions like age, medical conditions, environmental conditions, using contact lenses and even as a side effect of medication.
  • Several eye conditions: Conjunctivitis (inflammation in the eyes, Blepharitis (bacterial infection), Ocular Rosacea (a type of chronic skin disease) and many others are some serious eye conditions that one may develop and these further causes severe irritation and burning of the eyes.

Many other health conditions like arthritis, scleroderma and sarcoidosis also have direct impacts on our eyes and causes burning sensation in the eyes.

Let’s look at some of the first few things that we need to do when we get burning sensation in our eyes:

  1. Cucumber: If you somehow get a burning sensation, immediately cut a few slices of cucumber, dip them for a few minutes in ice-cold water and put them on your eyelids closed. Let it rest for a few minutes and repeat the process several times till the burning sensation goes off. Packed with the goodness of soothing antioxidants, chilled cucumber slices are a quick and effective remedy for burning eyes.
  2. Tea Bags: Green or black, use tea bags to make tea and use them to get relief from burning eyes. Dip the tea bags in ice-cold water and allow them to chill. Place them on your eyes to get immediate relief from burning eyes. It is the goodness of tannic acid in tea that helps soothe itchy and burning eyes.
  3. Use Chilled Spoons: Metals, when chilled, could be quite instrumental in constricting the blood vessels around the eyes, thereby, reducing swelling, redness and burning sensation. Take a few small tea spoons and dip them in ice water for a few minutes to get chilled. Tae two and place them inverted on your eyes and leave till they start getting warm. Repeat till it soothes your eyes.
  4. Use Cold Compress: As soon as you get any burning sensation in your eyes, immediately reach out for cold water and splash it on your eyes. Then you can put some ice cubes or maybe an ice pack and place it on your eyes closed till the burning goes off. A cold compress is very effective in doing away with eye swellings, burning and itchiness.
  5. Apply warm milk with honey: The antibacterial properties and the soothing effects of honey when combined with some warm milk can wok wonders for burning eyes. Add some generous quantity of honey in warm milk and stir it properly till both get mixed well. Then take two cotton balls and soak them in the mixture and apply over the closed eyes. Let it rest n the eyelids for several minutes to have its soothing effect on the eyes. 

Burning eyes can be very uncomfortable and painful at times, but at the same time, there are plenty of natural remedies that can provide fast relief and calm the sting. Depending on the severity of burning, we might need medicated eye drops or a prescription from an eye specialist.

Never ignore eye symptoms that do not improve and gets worse with passing time. What we might assume to be some minor annoyance could be a more serious eye condition.


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