5 Tips To Stop Drinking Alcohol Permanently

There are varieties of reasons which may lead you to take a step for inhibiting your habit of alcohol consumption. There are many individuals who suffer from other medical conditions such as liver disorders. They suffer from other conditions due to the adverse reaction of medications with alcohol. Some individuals want to drop their addiction problem due to different religious concerns such as moving toward a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

If you are also looking forward to removing alcohol from your life completely on a permanent basis, then you are surely on the right track and not at all alone who will be struggling for the same. There are a lot of tips which you may follow in order to refrain yourself from drinking alcohol and also, we have described the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms that you may experience if you decide to move on from heavy drinking to no drinking at all. Before describing the tips, if you consider your alcohol addiction problem to be severe, then you must consult your medical health practitioner regarding the alcohol dependence and if required, you can also take help of alcohol recovery rehab programmes.

The tips which may help you in giving up alcohol completely are mentioned below:

1.    Avoid any temptations of getting drunk

In the early stages of your treatment procedure, you have to take control over your physiological needs of the body and avoid any temptations for drinking. This means that you have to resist yourself from going out in pubs with your friends, avoid drinking while having a dinner in the fancy restaurant, go to the restaurants that do not provide alcohol, or you may become a volunteer to drive the vehicle so as to provide you the motivation for refraining yourself from drinking.

2.    Taking benefits and enjoying being the same

When you are trying to cut off your addiction of alcohol completely from your life, you will surely observe certain positive changes in your life especially related to the personal, social and occupational functioning in your life. Also, you will see that you will regain the energy in performing everyday tasks, your sleeping patterns will get improved, and a little weight loss also occurs. It also decreases the risk of developing cancer-related to liver, heart and other blood pressure related problems.

3.    Withdrawal symptoms have to be taken care of

When you stop drinking at all for a few days, you will experience the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol consumption, especially if you were drinking very heavily earlier. The short-term issues such as becoming irritable, lack concentration in performing tasks, shakiness in body, tiredness, problems in sleeping or nightmares.

Some of the physical symptoms such as trembling of hands, excessive sweating, headaches, feelings of nausea, shortness of breath, and loss of appetite etc. some of the severe symptoms could be confusion with respect to reality-based situations, fever, auditory hallucinations, convulsions etc.

4.    Follow Drinkchat

Drink chat is a free of cost service provided to affected individuals where they may gain knowledge regarding the information for their own self, or some other person or any other information related to alcohol abuse. Here, the trained professionals will assist you in providing answers to the respective questions you ask while maintaining the confidentiality of the data.  In fact, the purpose is fulfilled before making a phone call.

5.    Make your near and dear ones aware about your plan

Make sure that you provide this information to your family members and friends that you are trying to leave this habit of drinking alcohol and explain the reasons for the same. By doing this way, you will surely gain help from these people and they will make sure not to call you while going for hangouts in pubs and other bars and restaurants for having drinks.

Also, you should continuously remind yourself and your closed ones the reasons for stopping the drinking habits so as to keep you on tracks and also you can encourage others to stop this bad habit.


Thus, you can stop drinking alcohol by following the above-mentioned tips and also you can take help of self-help groups and other home-based alcohol recovery rehabilitation programmes.


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