The Rise In Plastic Surgery Trends In “Teens”: Is It The “Kylie Jenner Effect?”

Regardless of whether it is breast augmentations, lip fillers, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, or any other plastic surgery, surgeons claim, the number of “teens” looking to “revamp” their looks to ensure they meet up with the demanding “selfies” era (thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms),is on the rise.

The interesting buzz here is that countless headlines hurl around the famous “Kardashian” effect. For most fans, especially in teens, seeing the latest shots of their favorite celebrities like the Kardashian’s many teens make the life-changing decision to have their taut, teenage skin nipped and tucked to flawlessness, but is this reason valid enough? Is it actually true that teenage girls today wish to follow celebrity trends and go under the knife to pimp their looks?

Unfortunately, in today’s era, one that’s all about high-definition and perfection, the pressure goes on to young teens to look their best, at all times. For celebrities who have paparazzi around them, the only answer they have to enhance their appearance to meet up with the media demands is through plastic surgery. They believe that surgery is the key to be “picture perfect” on screen and everywhere, so they make the final choice to tamper with their bodies, for good or for worse.

On the other hand, let’s not be too critical and consider the fact that some teens could have functional reasons to opt for the cosmetic surgery, for example, breathing issues through the nose calling for the need to have a rhinoplasty in Atlanta, or breast reduction procedures to reduce the size of noticeably enlarged breasts.

However, plastic surgeons say there is a surprising rise in the number of teens requesting surgical procedures, especially on their faces, which comes from a mix of influences from celebrities, bullying, and of course pressure from today’s social media era.

The “Filter Effect”

Kylie Jenner Effect

In addition, apps like Snapchat continue to give teens the chance to give their appearance a different look with each push of a button. It’s actually a cool app that gives one the chance to choose a flower crown, have dog ears, become a cat, or simply have a smooth skin. Although this is fun for some, today, this leads to problems like Snapchat dysmorphia.

“More people today visit clinics to get one plastic surgery procedure or the other, just to look exactly like the filtered versions they see themselves as, with many wishing to have fuller lips, bigger eyes, and thinner noses,” according to some surgeons like Crispin Plastic Surgery board-certified ones.

Definitely, there’s a rise amongst teenagers who visit surgeons just to fit into their lives on social media and also to follow the leading celebrity trends.

Teen’s Obsession with Kylie Jenner Lip Fillers

A trending example of this topic is Kylie Jenner, who just at the age of sixteen transformed from a pretty teenager into an unrecognizable and stunning bombshell. She may be famous for her pout that has to lead to her beauty hype, but she says she no longer uses lip fillers. Yes, the 20-year old is one of the celebrities whose looks continue to have an influence in the trends among teens in cosmetic surgery, who wish to their pout just like hers. This procedure involves surgeons injecting dermal lip fillers, which helps to create more volume in the lips and grant young girls with the perfect pout.

In 2015, during an episode of the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” Jenner admitted the fact that her natural lips always lead to insecurities, and her wish was to change that using lip fillers for a short time. After some time, she launched her own brand, the “Kylie Cosmetics” to help customers find lip products that came with unique designs to help them make their lips appear fuller, and bigger through lining and filling.

Of course, her dad, Bruce Jenner transitioned to Caitlyn, and ever since then, the spotlights continue to shine brightly on their plastic surgery history. Kim Kardashian is no exception, and renowned for her regular visits for facial enhancement surgeries. With surgical procedures being a part of her family at a younger age, it’s no surprise that Kylie follows the same footsteps. This leads to the fact that teens take her as their role model, and simply use it as a booster to achieve their dreams to become perfect.

Apart from Kylie, there are several other celebrities who iron out their creases in order to enhance their curves. For some teenagers, the rise in plastic surgery among celebrities makes it a less stigmatising idea and an appealing choice to opt for the plastic surgery procedure.

Although this is a common trend in older people, teens are no exception. However, personal preference and self-esteem are two important factors that come to ensure the best body goals.


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