5 Ways to Care for the Skin around Your Eyes

TV advertisements are full of skincare products to treat dark circles and puffy eyes. Skincare brands have dedicated products for eye care. They claim to treat the problems within days.

The skin around the eyes is the gentlest area of your skin. Have you ever paid extra attention to it? Most of us ignore it. Let us enlighten you that it is highly sensitive and thin. When it comes to skincare, some of the most common queries of women of this age are finding out solutions to treat dark circles and puffy eyes. You will find many solutions online. They are not as good as the features that Spectrum Internet prices. In addition, most of those are not at all actually effective!

One of those common myths that you must have heard is about how scrubbing and rubbing the skin surrounding the eyes is not a good thing. How you should always use your fingertips if you want to apply something around the eyes. In addition, that too with minimal pressure. Well, here is a list of some good tips regarding eye care:

  1. Always go for the Products Formulated Specifically for the Eyes
  2. Be Extra Gentle
  3. Use the Right SPF
  4. Be Regular With Your Makeup Removal Routine
  5. To De-Puff, Use Cooling Products

Let’s elaborate on them.

Always go for the Products Formulated Specifically for the Eyes

Are you guilty of using your regular moisturiser or body lotion on your face? Moreover, especially around your eyes? Well, people do that a lot. However, this is what you need to know. Your body lotion or moisturiser is strictly formulated for your body. It is not for your face and definitely not for the most sensitive area of your skin that is around the eyes. In addition, they may contain irritants. Because the ingredients are not blended keeping the eyes in mind.  Using anti-aging creams around your eyes is even more dangerous. They may contain acids or retinoid, which are hazardous for the skin around your eyes. Make sure you invest in products, which are specially formulated for the skin around your eyes. Your skin deserves some extra treatment.

Be Extra Gentle

It is common knowledge! Be as gentler as you can because the area around your eyes is extra-sensitive. You need to be tender with it. Use your pinky finger to apply eye ointments or creams. Apply little pressure. Rubbing is a NO-NO. Pat and absorb the product that you are using. Well, to make it more precise and bring clarity into the thought. You can always use sponge while taking care of your skin around your eyes because that area is quite sensitive. In many cases, it is seen that if proper care is not taken then it can turn out to disastrous. Many skin cases get very sensitive due to improper skincare steps. Usually, when people have some skin allergy or any anomaly, they are not gentle in taking care of it. So, it needs to be focused on primarily.

Use the Right SPF

Skincare gurus and experts put a lot of emphasis on using sunscreen. However, they do not particularly emphasise how the skin around the eyes also need to be protected from the sun-rays. It is time to be mindful of that. Myriad eye serums and cream essentially contain SPF to protect the area around your eyes from the harmful sun rays. Well, always sunscreen is the perfect way to avoid getting harmful sun-rays or any other harmful exposure. Because at the end of the day if proper care is not taken for the eye care it actually makes your skin fresh and healthier. It also protects it like a guarded shield.

Be Regular With Your Makeup Removal Routine

Women tend to be lethargic when it comes to their daily cleansing routine. Some even skip removing makeup before hitting the bed. Let us emphasise the fact that it is very harmful to your skin. Especially your eyes. Have you caught the viral story on social media where a woman didn’t remove her makeup before going to bed? And she had to undergo a surgery of both her eyes. The unremoved mascara penetrated in the skin under the lids and became painful blackheads. The vision was actually painful to see. And the doctors said they have never seen something similar before. You really don’t want to be in that situation. Make sure you invest separately in an eye makeup remover. And make it a habit to remove your makeup before you sleep.

To De-Puff, Use Cooling Products

If your eyes become puffy and burdened easily, it would be a good practice to use cooling products to de-puff them. Let us share an easy hack. You need to keep all your eye care products in your refrigerator. Invest in an eye-roller and use it on your eyes after cooling it. You can do the same with a spoon too. Yet the right amount of moisturiser and water is required to keep your skin healthy. So, it’s important the product being used is optimally cooled and but they shouldn’t be used in an excessive manner because at the end of the day it’s your skin what matters.

Final Words

Finally, yet importantly, get an adequate amount of sleep. Yes, you may have a subscription to the best streaming services and you may have access to the best shows and movies. However, you really need to sleep at least seven to eight hours. The major reason behind dark circles is lack of sleep. However, some tips like these could turn out to be wondrous for the skin around your eyes. So, make sure you make the most out of these tips and avoid a dermatologist consultation fee. Happy skincare!


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