Most Important Buying Tips for Shoes [Buying Guide]

There’s no maximum number of shoes you can have. There’s always a space for new shoes. Especially for women when there are a hell lot of varieties. Heels, Flats, Wedges, Shoes, Stilettos, Boots, Bellies, you name it. We’ve had it or at least already saving to buy it. There’s a new footwear type for every attire, every occasion. When we have this obsession with footwear and try many different things, Ladies, don’t you think it’s important to know some prerequisites about buying shoes? It is. Read through the article for more information:

1. Decide:

I know it’s a very difficult thing to decide but it can reduce your work to half when you have a clear idea in your mind about what to buy. Choose the occasion and your outfit. Then get an idea of what type of shoes you want to wear with that. Heels or flats? Matching or Contrast? Sandals or Shoes? Where to buy. If you’re looking for something online, try to buy at least a week prior. Because online might get delayed in shipping or can have size issues and you might want to return or replace them. Etc. You might ignore this idea but try this once before you go shopping and thank me later. 

2. Fit and Shape:

Everyone’s feet have different shapes and sizes. Not every type of shoe fits everyone. One’s personality can look great in heels. One can rock the gladiators. One might want comfortable shoes. There’s always a specific type your feel like, enjoy and compliment your looks. And feet shape and type changes slightly every year, so choose a base type shape of your footwear and explore different suitable options. So it’s always suggested to try on different types which are stylish as well as comfortable for you. The best way is to try on. Wear both the shoes and take a few steps, so that you can judge which one suits you better.

3. Shoe Support:

Shoes can make you uncomfortable in many ways. New shoes might bite your skin sometimes. The heel height might not support you to stand for long hours. The Shoe liners inside can make the lower foot sweaty and wet. There are many things you need to consider if you’re looking for comfortable footwear.

  • Torsional Stability – Shoes can slip sometimes with over flexibility. Flexibility is required but too much flexibility can bend your shoes and make walking uncomfortable. So, try to twist the shoes and check their stability.
  • Midfoot Blend Test – Many shoes bend in the arch area, which is not good for foot health. To check if the shoes bend in the midfoot after a while, hold both the edges of the shoe and try to push both the hands towards each other. If this makes the mid area to get some folds or it will eventually bend after using for a while.
  • Shoe Liners – If your shoes come with removable liners, you must go with it. You can always change the liners based on your foot condition. If you’re having any pain, you can change the regular to ortho one, if you’re going on a run you can change them to sports one and trust me, it’s a blessing.

4. Flats or Heels:

If you ask me which one to choose, I’d go with Heels. But it depends on the occasion and how comfortable you’re to carry them. Even if it’s something you wear daily, it’s required to have a small heel to it. Because wearing flats regularly can push your lower feet skin inwards and this can reduce arch support. A small heel always pushes the skin evenly and keep it healthier. And for the important parties, it’ll help to habituate your feet for high heels. 

5. Health or Style:

It is required to flaunt at some places. Like when you attend some parties, or visiting a business professional and need to wear some heels which suits your formal outfit, etc. But health is important too. The regular use of heels can cause many orthopedic problems and can affect your back too eventually. So, whenever there’s a chance you can skip heels, opt for some easy-going sneakers or shoes. Well, it’s important to have cheat days. 

6. Flats can be Stylish too:

If you ever dance in heels for hours and get rid of them, that’s when you understand the value of flats. But you don’t need to compromise on the style. There are several styles in Flats that can add a pop to your outfit. Let’s see what they’re:

  • Moccasins – Leather shoes with a new style. They’re comfy and stylish. Can go with the party and formal outfits well. 
  • Loafers/Slip-on – Looks like Moccasins but this one doesn’t have any lacing. These have low or no heels usually. And these are very easy to put on.
  • Brogues – Broguering means punching or putting holes. These leather shoes are styled just with the holes on the lines and tips but still looks stylish.
  • Espadrilles – You must have seen some shoes in the market with Jute rope sole. Yes, they are Espadrilles. They’re perfect for a holiday and good – looking as well.
  • Ghillie Flats – These are designed mainly for dancing. They come with a rope all around the shoe, enabling you to tie perfectly to your feet. These are one of the most comfortable pairs everyone should have.
  • Huarache – These are mainly summer sandals which come with many straps all over. These are also used in many religious and peasant communities.

There are so many options in the shoe world and there’s no end to the new models. So, keep the above article in mind on your next shopping and buy a perfect and comfortable pair for you. Happy feet, Happy you!


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