The Bidet and the Health Benefits of It

A medieval French contraption was subject to many stigmas in the past. The European toilet culture is responsible for most of them because it was rude to openly discuss people’s toilet habits. However, the times are changing and the once unruly wooden bidet has transformed into a state of the art bathroom fixture. Westerners are just now discovering the health benefits of the modern bidet that comes with novel features that have one function in mind: protecting human health (and the planet).

Everyone can benefit from using a bidet

A bidet is something that both healthy and ill people can use. It replaces the conventional toilet bowl 1-to-1 so you needn’t have both. Admittedly, hotels and restaurants have both in their restrooms, alongside urinals, but this is because they have to serve the needs of different people. As an individual, you will soon lose the need for a toilet bowl after you have used the bidet for the first time. Why is that so?

For once, toilet paper is out of the picture because the main trait of a bidet is cleaning using nothing but water. Once a healthy individual feels the soothing jet of warm water on their skin, they immediately start perceiving the rough surface of toilet paper as a form of torture. Imagine then what it must be like for someone with hemorrhoids using toilet paper!


Although everyone benefits from using a bidet, people with sensitive skin are the ones who get the most out of it. The skin around their private parts is no longer irritated with a foreign object like toilet paper. Even if they buy “extra soft” and “100% cellulose-made” toilet paper, it is still going to affect their skin in a negative way. A bidet operates using only water and your hand, so everything goes smoothly, quite literally.

Increased mobility

Another advantage of a bidet is less “gymnastics” involved in the cleaning process. Because you are not leaning over to grab the roll of toilet paper, this means that it is easier to reach the private area of your body. This comes in handy (no pun intended) if you’re a pregnant woman or a senior because it allows for greater mobility. Even after childbirth, women benefit from using a bidet because their skin is highly irritable due to the tension it had been under for 9 months.

Impacting seniors’ independence

Speaking of the people in their third age, they are often stranded in nursing homes or they require a certified nurse to help them use the bathroom. This places huge stress on the family and the senior himself/herself because they lose their independence. However, a bidet installed in the bathroom can help them make that one motion less that makes the difference between needed assistance to use the bathroom and doing this action on their own. Not only is this practical and it saves money for medical staff but seniors become more self-reliant which improves their mental health. Not depending on others’ help is a great asset once you reach a certain age.

Potty training made easy

Apart from pregnant women, people with haemorrhoids, and seniors, even children can benefit from using a bidet. Every parent knows how hard it is to potty train their toddler because they simply hate the cleaning process which is often hard for them to get used to. Cleaning after using the bidet is easier and it is natural, since it is human instinct to put their hand down there and clean everything thoroughly using only water. Children will learn the importance of cleanliness this way because they have to clean their hands after using a bidet, which is not necessarily the case with using the standard toilet bowl.

High-tech bidets

A bidet is fairly simple in design but there are numerous add-ons and features that can further enhance the sense of comfort. Most models offer the possibility to regulate the strength and the warmth of the stream of water that is used for cleaning. A heated toilet seat is another advantage of a bidet but it is the possibility to install LED lights inside the bowl that is the most awesome!

These lights can be strong enough to subtly light up the entire bathroom. This means that you won’t have to wake up everyone in the house if you need to use the toilet at 3 AM. Finally, there are even portable bidets which can be attached to any conventional toilet bowl. They are ideal when you travel away from home but don’t want to part with the soothing feeling a bidet provides.

Add to the list of benefits of using a bidet the fact that you help save the planet and your home budget, and you get the perfect bathroom fixture. Trust us, once you break the faux stigma and use the bidet for the first time, you will no longer want to use the conventional toilet bowl on a daily basis.


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