6 Chiropractic Care Tips For Athletes

Every athlete’s body goes through a lot of stress especially between workouts and execution of their craft. It’s not surprising then to see athletes suffer from sore joints which if not handled properly can result in serious injuries. But with chiropractic care gaining a lot of attention in the health world and among fitness enthusiasts’, athletes can now recover from injuries while boosting their performance potentials faster. As a matter of fact, chiropractic care is used by well over 90 percent of world-class athletes who want to increase their performance level while preventing injuries. Here are some chiropractic care tips athletes can always take advantage of.

Be Patient and Consistent With the Routine

Healing from stress or injury is a slow process and may take a little time before you start feeling revved up once again. Since your stress injuries didn’t happen overnight, your body may need a little time to fully recover. Having this at the back of your mind, you’ll be prepared to wait and be consistent with your chiropractic treatment sessions. Here is the thing, a single adjustment let’s say stretches or asymmetries wouldn’t fix years of damage overnight. So, to enjoy dramatic results, you’ll have to be patient and watch the process evolve.

Always Keep Proper Posture in Mind

For athletes who want to recover quickly from stress or injuries and improve their chances of success you to take your posture quite seriously. As an athlete, you’ll be doing your body a lot of disfavours to sit on your spine for a very long time. Even if you have to sit for a long time, it’s important to always remember the 90/90 rule. Your elbows and knees should always be kept at an angle of 90/90. Again, you’ll want to ensure you sit upright while planting your feet firmly on the ground

Cut Down On Sit Ups

For athletes who may already be dealing with chronic pain at the back, it’s not often the best idea to start with a high-intensity crunch and sit ups regimen. While this may be against popular opinion, doing crunches and sit ups with back pain can make your condition worse off. These core exercises will strengthen the back. But take it slow. Start with side planks and other exercises that will help firm up your core, and start strengthening your back.

Make Daily Exercise a Habit

To keep yourself healthy and maintain flexibility as an athlete, you have to make exercise a huge part of your everyday life. With regular exercise, strength, and endurance, which are highly required for an athlete, flexibility becomes a stroll in the park. More so, regular exercise keeps your core and spine strong while helping you maintain flexibility.

Avoid Sleeping On Your Stomach

Did you know that belly snoozing is the worst position to sleep in for an athlete? Sleeping on your stomach forces you to turn your neck left and right and that may result in unnecessary neck pain which could have been avoided. So, instead of sleeping on your stomach, you’ll want to tweak your sleeping position and sleep on your back or side instead with pillows under your knees. These positions help you maintain a healthy spine free from injuries.

Work With an Expert

We ran into an expert chiropractor with over 20 years in sports medicine and fitness training. Dr. Ed Le Cara recently relocated from Denver to West Houston, Texas and he has an extensive background in sports rehabilitation and training. If you live too far to visit a West Houston Chiropractor, make sure you do your research and find a specialised clinician that can help you with your sports medicine and fitness needs.


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