Best Exercises Early In The Morning

There are some studies that show the effect of morning exercises in the mood of a certain person all day long. They say that if you do exercises early in the morning, you are most likely to have more energy. Furthermore, you will also be certainly a better friend, partner, and a colleague since you are in a good mood.

Exercises Early in the Morning: Is it Safe?

If you want to lose excess weight and fats in your body, an early exercise in the morning is a good option. Some studies show that if you exercise with an empty stomach, losing weight is more effective.

There is a big advantage in waking up and having some exercises early in the morning when it comes to achieving a fit body. This is because you don’t have anything in your stomach yet. Because of that, there is less glucose in your body or system, therefore, there are more fats that are being burned.

Even though you are burning fats in an empty stomach, it is still safe. So you shouldn’t worry too much.

Benefits of Early Morning Exercise

Doing some exercises early in the morning may offer you a lot of benefits. Not only to your daily schedule but most especially to your health. Here are some other benefits of early morning exercises:

Helps in Enhancing Metabolism –burning more calories after a workout can work perfectly in doing morning exercises. If you eat after you do some workout, you are replenishing your body plus you are providing enough calories to it to meet a higher metabolic needs.

Helps in Cultivating Consistency –an early morning exercise makes sure that there is no interruption in your workout schedule.  In the morning, nothing distracts you in getting down into your business –then exercise will be your number one priority.

Improves Physical and Mental Energy –exercise may be a great source of energy for the day. However, beyond this thing, morning exercises as studies say can help in improving the mental and focus abilities all throughout the day.

Helps in Developing Strong Self Discipline doing exercises early in the morning might be a burden to anyone. However, when getting through it, your self-discipline will be much tougher.

Improves Sleeping Habit –exercising in the morning in turn help in the better sleeping habit. Your body will be experiencing a much healthier sense of fatigue which in the end of the day help you get a sleep that you haven’t done before.

Helps you in Reaching your Fitness Goals –early morning exercises sets a high priority on physical fitness.

Making you Love your Life even more –this is actually self-explanatory. Since you get a lot of the benefits that you want in life, can’t that make you love yourself even more?

Easy and Simple Exercises Early in the Morning

The following are exercises that you may try early in the morning. All of these can effectively deliver the best results you want to losing weight. Furthermore, you should complete 3 rounds of these exercises to achieve better results.

Reverse Oblique Crunch –sit on the mat then extend legs in front. Put your hands on the mat and lean back. You just need to lift your legs off the mat 2-inches high.

Hollow Body Hold –in this exercise, you need to lie to the mat face up, your hands must be on the sides and legs are straight. You just need to lift your shoulder blades and legs off the floor while your back is still into the mat.

Inchworm Push Up –stand on the mat then hinges at your hips then slowly bend over to touch the floor with hands. You need to walk using your hands to do a high plank position. Do it simultaneously.

Squat –this is just like the ordinary squat. You need to lift your arms out in front then squat.

Single-Leg Glute Bridge –you need to lie to the mat face up, bend your knees up with your feet shoulder-width apart. You just need to extend your left leg straight out and then press into the right heel for you to lift your hips off the mat.

Double Leg Lift – in this exercise, you need to lie to the mat face up, extend your legs up and form a 90-degree angle. You need to lift both of your legs simultaneously and don’t let your back get off of the mat.

Plank with Knee Tap –get into a planking position, put your hands directly beneath the shoulders that are in line with hips. You need to lift your knee into your chest then lift the corresponding hands to tap the knee.


Exercising in the morning might be a bit burden. However, its benefits may give you the exact result you want in losing weight. Why not give it a try? If it gives you amazing result then continue doing it, if not then it’s your choice.


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