Best Natural Remedies for Goiter


When your thyroid gland suddenly becomes larger, you might want to consult your physician immediately. Why? Because you might be experiencing symptoms of goiter. This normally occurs in the neck area –and may cause discomfort in breathing and swallowing. It’s good to know that there are natural remedies for goiter, and some are at your home.

Goiter is often characterized because of the occurrence of either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. In a simpler manner, the lack and at the same time the excess of thyroid hormone can make the gland swell. It is not actually painful, however, it may bring along many other ailments that can disturb the normal operation of the body.

Cause of Goiter?

The most common cause of goiter is the lack of iodine in the body. Iodine is essential for the formation of thyroid hormone. The lesser the iodine in the diet, the lesser production of the thyroid hormone. This may cause inflammation of the thyroid gland.

Here are some other causes of goiter:

-Thyroid Cancer

-Specific Medications

-Cancer patient’s radiation therapy

-Autoimmune several diseases like Graves’ and Hashimoto diseases, where the immune system of the body is attacking the production of thyroid hormone.

Symptoms of Goiter

Everyone might be a target of goiter. However, if you are 50 or above and a woman, then there is a big chance that will get this disease.

Here are some of the most noticeable symptoms of goiter:


-Unexpected gain or loss of weight


-Sudden swelling of the neck

-Mood Swings

-Pain and Discomfort while swallowing food


-Roughness of the voice

-Constricted feeling in the throat

-Excessive coughing without any reason

Also, bear in mind that many of the above-mentioned symptoms are also being associated with some other health conditions. Hence, it is right that you have consulted with a doctor first before telling to the world you have a goiter.

Natural Remedies for Goiter

When diagnosed with goiter, surgery or drugs aren’t the only thing to solve it. Luckily, there are some several natural remedies for goiter. These natural remedies for goiter help in reducing the size of the thyroid gland. Furthermore, it also gives relief some other symptoms of it.

Here are some of the natural remedies for goiter that you can use:

1) Watercress –is an iodine-rich herb that has sulfur, vitamin B17, germanium, and antioxidants.

2) Dandelion Leaves –it is proven to lessen the neck swelling.

3) Flaxseed Paste –it is rich in vitamins and minerals which help the body to heal. Furthermore, it also reduces inflammation and swelling.

4) Garlic –it practically reduces swelling and boosts glutathione production. This glutathione helps in maintaining the health of the thyroid gland.

5) Sorrel Leaves –this is often called spinach dock. It contains plenty of minerals, including iodine which helps treat and prevent goiter.

6) Iodine-rich foods –adding this into the diet helps prevent goiter. However, you should bear in mind that you should take it in the proper dosage.

7) Kanchanara –a traditional type of herb that you can use to regulate the rate on which the thyroid gland produces all its two hormones.

8) Selenium-rich foods –aside from Iodine, the amazing element, Selenium is also used in keeping the thyroid gland healthy and functioning properly.

9) Seaweed or Kelp –this is full of iodine to help fight your thyroid.

10) Green Tea –the stimulating and energy boosting properties of the green tea helps in the enhancement of the thyroid gland.

11) Lemon Balm Tea –this supports the immune system and helps regulate hormonal levels.

12) Coconut Oil –the lauric acid in the coconut oil is beneficial in treating thyroid problems.

Risk Factors for Goiter

The following factors may increase the chances of having goiter:



-Gender: Female


-Foods that are not rich in iodine

-History of thyroid problems


Treatment Tips for Goiter

Here are some tips you can follow in treating goiter:

– Eat salads with coleus leaves to reduce the size of goiter and ease all the other symptoms.

– Apply to your neck a paste made with dried oak bark overnight to reduce goiter.

– Try drinking one glass of barley water to help reduce symptoms of goiter

– Try massage, acupuncture, or reflexology to get rid of symptoms of goiter.

– Eat crushed boiled almonds mixed with water cabbage juice to prevent the goiter.

– To stimulate your thyroid gland to make sure to take a cold shower 2X a day.

– Apply Bentonite paste this to your neck and wash once dried.

– Do some neck exercises that are suitable for treating goiter.

– Consult your doctor if your treatment is really effective or not.


Goiter is really an illness that shouldn’t be ignoring. This is because it can be worse. Good thing, with the right prescriptions of medicine and proper diet, can help treat the symptoms. Furthermore, it’s also good that there are some natural remedies for goiter which really helps since it can be located just in the house.



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