Best Tips for Weight Lifting Beginners

We know that every weightlifting beginner just cannot wait to put his hand on the equipment in the gym. But there is a proper way to handle each one and you should know how to go about it. We are here to guide so that you can start on the right track and grow in confidence with every step. Once you are confident, you can easily go about your business and find ways to maximize the impact.

Crucial Aspects of Weight Training

Initially, when you join, the instructors will ensure you gain steady strength so that your body gets used to the grind. You may be asked to hold the dumbbells tightly and raise your hands up and sideways and some similar exercises. The first hour you spend in the gym will be quite tough and when you return home, your hands & shoulders will shout in pain.

This pain is necessary because soon (within a few days) you will get used to it and then the same exercise will appear like child’s play. This will also serve as an example when you try out a new exercise or a different position.

Learn some facts about your body and muscles

Our human body is made up of bones and muscles. There are some muscle groups like biceps, quads, deltoids, glutes and so on. A muscle group has another group of individual muscles, for example, biceps have two muscle heads, deltoids have three and quads have four distinct muscle heads and so on.

When you grip a dumbbell not only your hand muscles but all groups till the shoulder are utilised. The exercises we perform are either designed to work on an individual muscle or different (but nearby) muscle groups. The effect, however, also reaches to different areas of our body which we have not targeted and they too get a hang of the effects. Not to mention, this is a good sign.

Once you start feeling good (not feeling the pain), you can continue doing it for as long as your instructor guides you to. You should always ask your instructor, whether you should go slow or not because some exercises need a slow approach for maximum benefit. Asking never hurts and sometimes you could gain a lot.

Using Exercise Machines

Every exercise machine you see in the gym is supposed to be used in a pre-determined motion which can be adjusted as per your body’s capability. When you start using the machine, your instructor will tell how your body should move. Once you are comfortable with that movement, you can extend this using dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells or other types of weights.

This can come handy, especially when someone else is using the machine and you do not want to waste your time sitting idle. However, please do not imitate others’ movements because everybody has a different structure and may not suit yours.

Best Tips for Weightlifting Beginners

Weightlifting beginners should know when to inhale and exhale and how to lift weights and what precautions to take. There are some basics which you should practice:

  1. Exhale when you lift weight or push weight, also
  2. Exhale when you lower the weights and when you are trying to get back to starting position.
  3. You should also not lock your joints to hold weights in top position.
  4. When putting down the weights, ensure you put less pressure compared to what you apply when lifting

These tips will ensure your time spent at the gym brings the best out and is less strenuous too.

Most Important Tip for Weightlifters

Though your instructor will accompany you, never try attempting a lift alone. One slip and you can seriously injure your body. The falling object may also injure other athletes exercising near you. Safety first and prevention is better than cure, especially at the gym where every object is capable of causing grievous injury.

Before approaching the machines or weights, it is better to start with a warm-up routine. Use light weights which will loosen your muscles and joints and allow you to focus on the task. Once warmed up nicely, not only you can easily follow your instructor but the feeling will too be great.

Stay Hydrated and Maintain your Energy Level

After every 10-15 minutes, sip a mouthful of water. This will keep you hydrated. If you feel that despite having breakfast an hour earlier, the energy level is dipping, bring your shaker with some whey protein and water or fruit juice. Mix well and sip one mouthful between every set of exercise. However, do not gulp more than a sip as it will hinder your free movement.

Living a Disciplined Life gives best results

Get at least 8-10 hour sleep at night and ditch the late night tv show. Your body is undergoing a sea change and it needs time to repair itself. With a good night sleep, your batteries will be recharged and your performance the next day will show a remarkable change.

Give yourself a weekly off

Indulge in walking, running or playing a sport or even chit chatting with family on your off day. Do anything but exercise and have fun. Allow your body to rewind for one full day and see how wonderful it turns out to be!

Drink Water More Often

Muscles are made up of water and your body NOW needs at least 10-12 glasses of water. Ensure you drink a glass of water every now and then and see what a world of difference it makes! You will thank us for this very important tip.

Do not hurry in the Gym

Every exercise has been designed for a certain time. Rushing will only damage your muscles. Never try to complete any exercise quickly, instead the more time you spend, the more time you take to complete an exercise, the better would be the results.


Weightlifting beginners should hear their instructors on how to proceed while in the gym. Hydrating and nourishing your body well, with good night’s sleep augurs well for the newcomers. Have patience and slowly, but steadily you will grow your body.


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