Breast Augmentation: What Really Happens Under the Knife

Today, not just celebrities seek out cosmetic surgeries such as facelifts, tummy tucks, and breast augmentations anymore. In our modern era, where everything has to be according to standards, beauty must meet up with the expectations of others, people from all lifestyles turn to plastic surgeons for breast augmentation in Atlanta in the hopes of enhancing their appearance.

The fact is that in the year 2016 alone, reports from USA Today reveal that Americans spent way over 16 million dollars on cosmetic procedures, which proves that reconstructive surgeries are more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Along with common procedures like breast augmentation, nose reshaping and liposuction also follow close behind. Really, what is it like when you go under the knife and what should you as a patient expect afterward? As you read on below, you will get all your answers!

What is Breast Augmentation?

Sometimes, people refer to breast augmentation as “boob job” or “breast aug” and it a surgical procedure that involves the insertion of breast implants or the transfer of fat to increase the size of the breasts. It also helps women to restore their breast volume after drastic weight loss or pregnancy and achieve an improved contour, more rounded shape of breasts and improve the natural asymmetry of the breasts.

Breast Augmentation

The breast augmentation Crispin Plastic Surgery also goes by with the name “mammoplasty.” The transfer of fat from other parts of the patient’s body creates improved volume in the breast and the procedure goes with the term fat transfer augmentation.

Nowadays, there are different variations in the shape of implants and their types. Common ones include saline and silicone implants, which come in naturally round or teardrop shapes. These days, the “teardrop” option is a fashionable one and the insertion is through small incisions under the breast, areola, or in the armpit.

Know the Difference between Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Keep in mind that all everyone gets the surgery to appear better, most people choose to go under the knife to regain some certain function in areas of their body. The American Board of Plastic Surgeon says, “cosmetic surgery is a procedure that involves a particular goal: enhancing the appearance. However, plastic surgery typically is a procedure that involves reconstruction some of the parts of the body that experience damage from burns, trauma, birth disorders or disease.”

In addition, cosmetic training greatly differs from plastic surgery. Any licensed physician could legally perform the cosmetic sort of surgery, regardless of their training. Since this is the case, you must first carry out a thorough research on your own on the experience of the surgeons before you choose them for the surgery. It is recommendable that you should choose a board-certified surgeon, as they go through extensive training and have a good portfolio.

Certified Surgeons Provide Before and After Photos

Plastic and cosmetic surgeons certainly do their best when it comes to correcting areas of your body you want, but yes, they are not miracle workers! For this particular reason, during your first consultation, your surgeon will show you realistic before and after breast augmentation photos of what you should expect your breasts to look like post operation.

As you sit in the initial meeting to discuss exactly what you would wish to like change, your doctor can guide you on the surgical (as well as non-surgical) ways to solve your problems. At such times, the photos of other patient’s results will help you to see what you should expect after you go under the knife. You will also receive a rundown of the possible pros and cons.

During the initial consultation, your doctor will also ask you details about your lifestyle, the medications or supplements you take at the time, as these could have an impact on the recovery of your surgery.

Breast Augmentation Cannot Reverse Some Problems

You should also keep in mind that breast augmentation does not help to correct problems like severely drooping breasts. Along with the breast augmentation surgery for breasts that appear to sag, surgeons sometimes implement breast lifts to help the breasts appear lifted and fuller.

A breast lift surgery could often take place at the same time as the augmentation or require a separate date for the procedure. For this case, your plastic surgeon is the right person to assist you in making the final decision. Along with breast augmentation, if you are considering facial procedures such as a nose job, your surgeon could guide you further on some cosmetics reasons why rhinoplasty is a common trend in teens.

Before your surgery, it is best that you also conduct a thorough research on your own and evaluate all your options. You should discuss any queries you have with your surgeon, questions or any area of concern before you opt to go under the knife. Follow the necessary post operation care measure in your home; keep away from strenuous activities and you should consult your doctor in case of any problems you experience.


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