Build Muscle or Burn Fat This Year 2018

Build Muscle

In 2018, we are not using methods of losing weight or building muscle that are old and useless!  Instead, 2018 is about holistic health and using the best methods possible to improve our health.

Are you looking to build muscle or burn fat this year?

These tips will have you on the right track as soon as possible!

No More Fad Diets, Ever!

Fad diets may have crushed a lot of people’s health in other years this decade, but no longer are any of us going to believe in them.

However, holistic health diets such as the ketogenic diet, paleo diet, the vegetarian diet, and If It Fits Your Macros are here to stay.

In my opinion, I try to combine facets of each of these diets to form the nutrition plan which works best for me.

Personally, I try to limit the amount of meat I eat as much as possible and rely on plant-based sources of protein.

Along with that, I eat a diet low in starchy and unnecessary carbohydrates, but high in plant-proteins, fish, and healthy dietary fats.

Lastly, I do my best to eat only paleo-certified products.

Occasionally I give myself a cheat meal of pancakes or whatever I desire, such as prescribed in the flexible dieting handbook, but only when my diet permits it.

Overall, these nutrition plans will work much better for anyone looking to lose weight and become healthier, than any other crash diet ever could!

Only Use Natural Testosterone Boosting Supplements That Work!


Of course, steroids are still advancing on a year to year basis.

Aside from those products though, there are a lot of natural testosterone boosting products that truly do work!

If you are a male and looking to increase your ability to build muscle, lose weight, and have an increased libido, there are many various products out there which will benefit your body.

The best part about this is that more companies are making testosterone supplements with herbal formulas!

Instead of wasting your money on useless products that will fail to bring you the results you want, check out this article for testosterone boosting supplements that work!

Aerobic Training is Gone, Interval Training is Here to Stay!

Interval training has become more and more the norm over the last 10 years, and that won’t change this year.

Much more people are learning that interval training can burn more body fat, and build more muscle, than aerobic training ever could.

One of the best examples of this type of training is the Tabata interval method.

As the fitness industry becomes more advanced with training methods, it is great to see interval training advance as well.


One of the biggest advancements to interval training is that more personal trainers are learning how to use this training method, even with un-trained or lesser-trained individuals.

This is a huge advantage because now interval training can be used to help people lose their initial amounts of body fat quickly, along with their last bit!

Concluding Thoughts

Social media and the internet have revolutionised the fitness community, and there is much more knowledge to go around for everyone at this point.

These 3 tips are a sure way to help you achieve a more physically fit, and healthier you, this coming year!


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