Can Eating Tomatoes for Weight Loss Really Help?

Do you feel discomfort when you fasten your jeans’ zipper up? Well then, this is the time to cut off those extra fats in your tummy and make you look gorgeous again. Take note, there are some ways to do this without even exerting too much effort.  Like just eating. Yes, you can lose weight just by eating. However, you cannot just eat whatever you want to eat, you must eat healthy and weight loss foods, like tomatoes. Are tomatoes for weight loss beneficial? Of course, it is.

Tomatoes are rich in protein, necessary minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibers which may help in reducing your weight in just a month. Furthermore, it doesn’t only help in the weight loss, it also makes your skin look much smoother and lustrous.

Read on to know more about this wonder fruit.

Tomatoes for Weight Loss: How to consume?

Here are some ways on how to consume your tomatoes to lose weight:

-Incorporate tomatoes into your sandwich together with some cucumber.

-Make a tomato soup for a meal and eat at least a cup of it.

-Have a tomato with a lime juice for snack.

-Add carrot, peas, and tomato into your quinoa.

-You can incorporate tomato into your grilled chicken or fish, together with green beans and asparagus.

-Put tomatoes into your stew and curry.

-Add tomatoes into your salad to add some extra flavor and texture to it.

-You can turn your tomato into a smoothie. If you want to add more flavor to it, you can add veggies and herbs.

If you want to include tomatoes into your diet, it is very easy, isn’t it? You don’t even need any extra preparations for it

Tomatoes for Weight Loss: How will this help?

A diet that has a tomato in it has a balanced content of carbs, fats, proteins, and dietary fiber. Furthermore, having a morning detox water may help in flushing the toxins out of the body. A substantial breakfast which includes tomatoes and some other low-calorie foods help in making you stay active.

For lunchtime, including tomato in the lunch and dinner meal helps in enhancing the taste of the food and also help in losing weight. Furthermore, in evening, having a tomato juice may help in keeping you off from craving into some junk foods.

If you follow a diet that incorporates tomato in it, you can have a healthier body and it can also help in losing your extra weight. Making you much healthier and look much fit.

Tomatoes for Weight Loss: What makes it beneficial?

High in fiber. One cup of tomato has approximately 0.20 grams of soluble fiber and 2 grams of insoluble fiber. Both of which plays a vital role in losing weight. Furthermore, these help in reducing the food absorption and increasing the satiety.

Low-calorie content. Tomatoes are very low in calorie content, a small tomato contains 16 calories only. This is great because even if you eat two tomatoes, you will still not consume more than 50 calories.

Relieves stress. Another reason for weight gain is hypertension. Tomatoes can help in lowering the blood pressure level and protect you from heart disease and weight gain.

Low glycemic index. The glycemic index of the tomato is 38, this is quite low compared to some other processed foods and fruits and vegetables. Low GI foods like tomatoes help increase blood sugar levels gradually and in a controlled manner.

Boosts metabolism. Scientists say that consumption of tomato juice may help in boosting the lipid metabolism. This is by promoting the expression of the genes that are involved in the oxidation of acid.

Increase good cholesterol. Consuming tomatoes regularly helps in lowering the bad cholesterol level and increasing the good cholesterol level in the body. HDL or good cholesterol helps in the process of weight loss and it also prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Anti-inflammatory properties. The lycopene in tomatoes helps in reducing the proinflammatory biomolecules production hence, reducing inflammation. Furthermore, it also helps in suppressing and inhibiting inflammation-induced obesity.

Rich in antioxidants. The lycopene content of the tomato is a potent antioxidant. These antioxidants help in getting rid of free radicals. Hence, having tomatoes in the diet helps in reducing the oxidative stress and free radicals in the body and eventually help you in losing weight.

Side Effects of Tomatoes Excessive Consumption

-May cause gout pain.

-It may result in a headache.

-May cause stomach or gastrointestinal ache.

-It may lead to gastritis and acidity.

-May increase the heart rate.

-It may cause mouth dryness.

-May lead to diarrhoea.

-May result to the development of kidney stones.


Tomatoes are very good for the body. It doesn’t only help in losing weight, it is also beneficial in making the skin look much younger and much firmer. The effects of tomatoes for weight loss are all enticing and are amazing. So, if you want o lose weigh in a natural and healthy way, try using tomatoes now!


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