What Causes a Low Libido in Men and How Can It be Treated?

This is probably the most uncomfortable topic for all men, but it actually happens to a lot of men. Contrary to popular beliefs, men are not sex machines that are always thinking about or willing to engage in sex. In fact, it is very common for libido levels to vary throughout one’s life, and in most cases, it is not a reason for concern. Stress, fatigue or routine can lower a man’s libido, but if this problem persists for a long time, it could be a sign of an actual dysfunction. In the following lines, we will discuss about the most common causes of a low libido in men, and the best ways to fix this problem.

1. Low testosterone levels

This is usually the most common cause of a lowered sex drive. Lower hormone levels are normal after a certain age. In fact, 4 out of 10 men over the age of 45 experience a decrease in testosterone levels. However, if the problem is not caused by aging, it could be a sign of an underlying health problem. In most cases, low testosterone relevels can be fixed with either lifestyle changes or testosterone replacement therapy. To learn more about how to test for low testosterone, visit https://gamedaymenshealth.com/. This clinic also delivers the most efficient low-T treatments in San Diego. The treatment usually consists in pills, body gels or injections. Most treatments can be applied by the patients themselves, without requiring the help of a medical professional.

2. Medications

Certain medications can affect the body’s normal functions. Blood pressure medications are usually known for causing lower testosterone levels, which usually manifest as an inability to have erections or to ejaculate. In most cases, the problem can be solved by switching to less invasive medications. Antidepressants like serotonin repute inhibitors can also cause a lower sex drive.

3. Psychological problems

Various psychological and emotional problems can often lead to a decreased sex drive. Depression is usually the main culprit in these cases, as this condition manifests itself as a lack of interest in normal activities, including sex. A low self-esteem can also cause psychological blockages that lead to low sex drive or other sexual dysfunctions.

4. Illnesses

Serious health problems cause a lot of stress, and it is quite normal to experience a low libido when dealing with a chronic illness. Moreover, most weaknesses tend to weaken the body, causing it to focus most of its energy on the main bodily functions. It is very common for cancer patients to experience a reduced sperm production.

5. Stress

Extreme stress can cause both psychological and physical blockages that lead to a decreased sex drive. First of all, when your mind is focused on certain problems, it is normal to not view sex as a priority. Moreover, extended periods of stress can lead to hormonal unbalances, including low testosterone levels, which in turn lead to a decreased libido.

6. Sleep disorders


Insomnia or sleep apnea can severely lower testosterone levels in men, which obviously enough leads to a low libido. Sleeping disorders are quite common in older men, but they can also affect younger men. Treating the sleeping disorder should be enough to regulate the hormonal unbalances and bring the libido back to normal levels.

7. Substance abuse


Frequent alcohol and drug use can lead to numerous health problems, including a low libido and various other sexual dysfunctions.

8. Relationship problems

Unlike women who are stimulated by emotions, men are more likely to be stimulated by physical connections. Even so, when dealing with relationship problems, it is very common, and even natural to experience a low libido. In these cases, it is recommended to talk with the partner, in order to find ways to fix the underlying problems, and bring the chemistry. If the problems can’t be solved without help, couples counseling can be a great solution.


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