5 Ways CBD Oil May Be Able to Help You

When you’re suffering from a physical or mental health condition, your doctor may have prescribed you a battery of medications. But did you know that most of those drugs have negative side effects which can worsen your condition? It’s for that reason why some people are turning to alternative medicine so that they can get cured without experiencing any harmful and potentially life-threatening side effects. One of those alternative medicinal sources is CBD oil as extracted from the cannabis plant. As it might be your first time to try something natural in place of all those drugs that your doctor had given you, you’ll want to know the following ways that CBD oil may be able to help you:

1. CBD oil can help relieve pain

If you’re feeling pain in certain parts of your body such as your back, muscles, or joints, your default tendency might be to head over to the nearest drugstore and buy yourself some over the counter painkillers. However, those said medications can damage your liver in the long run amongst other well-documented negative side effects to your body.

You can get rid of your bodily pain the natural way by ditching those painkillers that you bought and switching to CBD oil. The said herbal extract could take away any pain ranging from simple ones that can go away in less than a day to those caused by arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord injuries, to name but a few.

2. CBD oil may help anxiety and depression

According to the World Health Organization, more than 260 million people suffer from anxiety, and more than 300 million people suffer from depression all around the world with some of them living with both mental health conditions. Most psychologists either use talk therapy or prescribe antidepressants to their patients suffering from either anxiety or depression. However, the antidepressants that they’ve prescribed to their patients can result in an entirely different mental health concern altogether which is drug addiction. Unfortunately, those same mental health professionals are usually hesitant to give CBD oil to their patients for fear that they might violate the laws of the state where their clinical practice is situated.

Still, buying high-quality CBD oil from a legitimate source and taking it in moderation can treat your anxiety or depression – even both at the same time – as it can help your body produce more serotonin to help combat the different mental health conditions.

3. CBD oil may prevent cancer cells from spreading throughout the body

Cancer is one of the worst medical conditions that anyone can experience in their lifetime as it limits one’s lifespan to a few years or months. It’s for that reason you might have suddenly found yourself shocked by the bad news. Worse, the chemotherapy sessions that you’ve had to undergo as part of your treatment is just as painful as your cancer itself.

CBD oil may not make you cancer-free – at least not until further research has proven otherwise, but it may reduce the ability of cancer cells in your body to regenerate so you won’t suffer from a potential relapse.

4. CBD oil can lessen seizures caused by epilepsy.

If you’ve got epilepsy, you may be prone to seizures at random times of the day and often when you least expect them. Those seizures can negatively affect not only your motor skills but your overall productivity as well.

Conventional epilepsy treatments usually come in the form of medications. But again, some prescription drugs have adverse side effects which can cause your condition to worsen or even bring about other health concerns on top of your epilepsy.

Taking CBD oil can reduce the number of seizures caused by your epilepsy without any of the harmful side effects of prescription drugs.

5. CBD oil can get rid of acne

Let’s face it: People still judge based on how your face looks. Otherwise, facial skin care products that aim to get rid of imperfections and blemishes wouldn’t even exist at all.

If you’ve got acne on your face, you may have resorted to buying facial skin care products that claim to get rid of the skin condition so you can bring the health of your face back to normal.

However, those products contain chemicals that can cause more harm than good to your facial skin. If you’ve got an allergic reaction to a facial skin product, it can cause your entire face to swell. If you’ve got sensitive facial skin and you’ve used a facial skin care product made for normal skin, your face can sustain burn injuries.

Cannabis oil may be able to help with reducing acne, but before applying the herbal extract to your face, you should discuss it first with a dermatologist who’s receptive to the legal use of cannabis.


In 2017, sales of CBD oil had reached up to more than 350 million U.S. dollars which only goes to show that people’s attitudes towards the herbal extract are becoming increasingly relaxed. After all, why should you rely solely on Western medicine if there are better alternatives that are organic and won’t put too many chemicals in your body? The above-listed ways that CBD oil may be able to help you should convince you to give it a try. It’s entirely up to you how you want to take your CBD oil. Whether it be by way of CBD tinctures, vape oils, edibles, pills, lotions, or creams as long as you buy from a trusted manufacturer, you shouldn’t have any issue.

Blake Luvo

Blake is the Director of Digital Marketing with Functional Remedies. He has worked in digital business for 20 years and is a strong advocate for CBD oil, having found much relief by taking CBD for a debilitating health challenge that he has lived with for nearly 25 years. Blake lives with his wife and 3 children in WA state where he hikes in the North Cascades, cares for a small organic orchard, meditates, and never stops asking ‘What can we do to help those in need?’


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